Boarding Procedures

This page explains the process required to board a flight.

How to use Web Check-in (International QuiC).

How to use automatic check-in machines.

Things to know beforehand

  • Information for code-share flights


    When travelling on a codeshare flight the free baggage allowance shown on your ticket will apply in principle. Please consult with JAL International reservation or Operating carrier or your travel agency for details.

    Codeshare flight

    When traveling on codeshare flights operated by American Airlines/WestJet Airlines, the operating carrier's conditions of carriage may apply with respect to certain services.

  • Transfer boarding procedures


    Through Check-in Service

    Notice As the international transfer counter is very busy in the early morning hours at airports in Sapporo (New Chitose), Osaka (Itami), and Fukuoka, please arrive early.
    If transferring to a JAL international flight via Narita, Haneda, Kansai, or Chubu airports from a domestic airport via a JAL domestic flight.

    Please check in (and check luggage) for the transfer flight at the departing airport.*1

    Please claim the baggage at the final destination.*2

    If transferring to a flight operated by a oneworld member airline via Narita, Haneda, Kansai, Chubu, Fukuoka, or Chitose airports from a domestic airport via a JAL domestic flight.
    • *1This applies only if you have a connecting flight at the same airport on the same day. A boarding pass may not be issued for your connecting flight due to problems such as computer malfunction.
    • *2If you are connecting via U.S., please claim your baggage when entering U.S. and check again in for the connecting flight. Furthermore, if you have multiple connecting flights abroad, you may not be able to check your baggage to your final destination due to restrictions imposed by connecting airports.

    Partner Airlines

    oneworld Member Airlines airberlin(AB)/American Airlines(AA)/British Airways(BA)/Cathay Pacific(CX)/Finnair(AY)/Iberia(IB)/LAN(LA)/Malaysian Airlines(MH)/Qantas(QF)/Qatar Airways(QR)/Royal Jordanian(RJ)/S7 Airlines(S7)
  • Time you need for your connecting flight


    If you have connecting flights (including flights by other airline), please show the entire ticket(s) including your final destination. You need the following time allowance when connecting flights.

    Time you need for your connecting flight

    Airlines Connecting airport Time you need for your connecting flight
    JAL Group domestic flight JAL international flight Haneda Airport 60 minutes or more
    Narita Airport
    Kansai Airport
    Chubu Centrair Airport
    Haneda Airport → Narita Airport 180 minutes or more
    Itami Airport → Kansai Airport 215 minutes or more
    JAL Group domestic flight Other airline's international flight Haneda Airport 120 minutes or more
    Narita Airport 110 minutes or more
    Kansai Airport 80 minutes or more
    Chubu Centrair Airport 70 minutes or more
    Haneda Airport → Narita Airport 210 minutes or more

    ● For other airports, please ask when you make your reservation.

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