Inflight dining/JAL Economy Class Be surprised by our original meals collaboratively designed with famous restaurants and brands widely enjoyed by people in Japan.

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  • *Inflight meals must be consumed during the flight.
  • *Meal will be served 1 hour after take off.
  • *Meal for flights departing midnight will be served 2 hour and 30 minutes before arrival.
  • *Please be reminded that above stated timing of service may change in occasion, such as weather condition.
  • *Passengers can reserve special inflight allergy-friendly meals in advance.
    JAL takes utmost care when preparing meals for passengers with food allergies, however, there may be cases where minute amount of allergens are detected in the meal.
    Please ask our cabin attendants if you have any concerns about our allergy information for our inflight meals.
    There is a limited amount of information that we can provide during the flight. Please choose your meals at your own discretion.
  • *JL771 (Narita to Sydney) on July 27 and 28, and JL772(Sydney to Narita) on July 28 and 29 have First Class. Please refer to the following site for the in-flight meal menu.
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Collaboratively-designed menus

  • About JAL Kitchen Gallery

    With the hope that people will say "I want to fly JAL because I look forward to the food", the goal was to make meals that are delicious but that also bring more fun to catching a flight. Adding an extra something special to mealtime. Let the JAL Kitchen Gallery, born from JAL's warm hospitality, make your time in the skies more enjoyable.

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Menu by Nami Iijima

* Menu sample

Japanese home cooking menu created by food stylist Ms Nami Iijima

For JAL Premium Economy Class and Economy Class passengers, Ms. Iijima has crafted cuisine every Japanese household knows, loves, and is comforted by. Ms. Iijima's unique and discerning menu choices strike a delicate balance of seasonings and are simple without ever becoming boring.

Available on routes

From Tokyo (Narita) to
 Chicago, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, Vancouver, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Paris, Sydney, Moscow, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Manila, Delhi, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok
From Tokyo (Haneda) to
 London, Paris, New York, San Francisco, Singapore (JL037), Bangkok (JL031)
From Nagoya to
From Osaka (Kansai) to
 Los Angeles

Hokkaido, Kyushu Series

* Menu sample

JAL provides meals with a Kyushu theme to Economy Class passengers on flights to Mainland China, Hongkong and Taiwan from Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka (Kansai).
We will provide a wonderful travel experience filled with fun and surprises for our customers.


* Menu sample

A collaboration menu developed by JAL and MOS Burger. US beef rib, which has been marinated in an original sauce made of Japanese soy sauce with raw Japanese green onions, ginger, and apple juice, is grilled and used as the filling in the AIR MOS Yakiniku Burger.

Available on routes

From Tokyo (Narita) to
 Chicago, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, Vancouver, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Paris, Sydney
From Tokyo (Haneda) to
 San Francisco, New York(from 1st of April), London and Paris
From Osaka (Kansai) to
 Los Angeles

Shiseido Parlour

* Menu sample

We are pleased to serve "Shiseido Parlour for resort " created by lead chefs of Shiseido Parlour's Ginza Head Restaurant. Please enjoy this special meal made especially for JAL.

Available on routes

From Tokyo (Narita), Nagoya, Osaka (Kansai) to

Other meal options

* Menu sample

JAL Soraben (sky bento)
For Economy Class passengers on Korea routes flying to or from Japan, JAL offers a soraben-style inflight meal designed with help from a renowned bento restaurant. Enjoy seasonal ingredients that give a sense of the four seasons.

Available on routes

From Tokyo (Narita) to
 Korea, except JL954 and JL960

* Menu sample

Menu on Tokyo (Haneda) - Seoul (Gimpo) route
Passengers flying between Haneda and Gimpo airports will enjoy a hot meal.

Available on routes

From Tokyo (Haneda) to
 Seoul (Gimpo)

Complimentary Mineral Water
We offer bottled water to passengers on most of the flights to Europe, Pacific, Southeast Asia and Sydney. Feel a sense of comfort knowing you always have water on hand. Our bottled water is from Tsunan in the southern part of Japan's Niigata Prefecture. Tsunan is an area of heavy snowfall sitting above Japan's greatest river terrace. It is a land blessed by natural environs that feature the snow-covered Naeba mountain range, of which Joshin'etsu-kogen National Park is a part, as well as natural water springs, and has been designated one of Japan's 100 Selected Water Spots by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. This soft mineral water has a hardness rating of only 17 ppm, making it easy to chug as you enjoy your meal.

Available on routes

Europe routes, Pacific routes (with exception), Southeast Asia routes (with exception) and Sydney route

Sky Oasis (self-service snack corner)
On long-haul flights, it's only natural you don't want to wait for snacks or beverages when you feel hungry or thirsty. So please help yourself to our convenient Sky Oasis selection on flights to and from Europe and North America routes (except Hawaii route).

Available on routes

Europe and North America routes (except Hawaii route)
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