About carry-on items

Information is provided here on rules and important notices for items that can be carried aboard and check-in baggage. Instructions are also provided for the use of electronic devices.

Important notices regarding check-in baggage

If you have any baggage to check in, please check them in at the counter and proceed through the security checkpoint no later than 15 minutes prior to your flight's scheduled departure time.

*Please check Restrictions on carry-on items and check-in baggagefor details.

Size and weight restrictions on checked baggage


Up to 50 cm x 60 cm x 120 cm
*We do check in skis and surfboards.


Carry-on items up to a total of 20 kilograms.
(There is no limit to the number of bags that may be checked in.)

  • * First Class passengers may carry on items up to a total of
    45 kilograms, with a limit of 32 kilograms for any one item.

There is no charge for checking such items.

If the total of carry-on items exceeds 20 kilograms

  • * For First Class, if the total of carry-on items exceeds 45 kilograms
  • * For JAL (SF3 aircraft), RAC and JAC flights, up to a total of 45 kilograms with a limit of 32 kilograms for any one item

Baggage up to 100 kilograms per passenger may be checked in for an excess baggage fee.
(No one item may exceed 32 kilograms.)

The charge per kilogram is 400 yen (excluding certain short-distance portions). Please check Excess Baggage Chargefor details

About bulky baggage

Sports equipment with three dimensions exceeding 50cm x 60cm x 120cm may not be accepted for loading if the cargo space of the aircraft is limited.

[Maximum baggage length of each aircraft]

*Following number is "only advisory". It will change within loading situation.

aircraft types

maximum length


Boeing 777-300



Boeing 777-200


Boeing 787-8



Boeing 767


Boeing 737-800



Boeing 737-400

aircraft types

maximum length







Bombardier DHC8-Q400



Bombardier DHC8-Q300



Bombardier DHC8-Q100


Bombardier CRJ200





Restrictions on check-in baggage

  • The items listed below should be carried with you and not included in your checked baggage.

    Expensive items: Cash, jewelry, precious metals, securities, bills of exchange, works of art and antiques.

    Valuables: Documents, electronic data, passports and other personal identification required for travel, samples, credit/bank cards, cash vouchers, bankbooks, checks, commuter passes, keys, computers and computer accessories, mobile phones, film cameras, digital cameras, video cameras, medication, paintings, watches, mementos, etc.

  • Please switch off electronic devices (excluding valuables) in your checked baggage.

  • JAL will not be liable for any damage to fragile articles such as musical instruments, sports equipment (including golf club, surfboard, windsurfing equipment, diving equipment, bicycle, etc.), ceramics, glass articles and liquors, if the damage result from the inherent defect, quality or vice of the item, although adequate precautions will be taken in their handling. JAL also does not assume liability for the following damage to baggage, although adequate precautions will be taken in their handling.

    • Damage to baggage from excess weight or over packing, or owing to defects in the baggage itself such as from normal wear and tear.
    • Loss of protruding parts such as detachable wheels, straps, hooks and name tags.
    • Minor damage such as scuffs, cuts, dents and dirt.
  • The maximum amount of indemnity for carry-on baggage/cargo hold baggage whose value has NOT been declared in advance is limited to a maximum of ¥150,000 per person.If the actual value of the items lost or damaged should exceed ¥150,000, and if you have paid an Excess value charge of ¥10 per each ¥10,000 over the ¥150,000 threshold,the declared value will become the amount of the indemnity limit. That said, the amount of the indemnity cannot exceed the actual value of the item itself. Please note that these rules apply only in cases where JAL is liable, and that the stated rules are different to those governing the insurance system.
  • Damage to Check-In Baggage
    In the event that your check-in baggage is damaged, please notify local airport staff when you claim your baggage. JAL is not liable for damage to check-in baggage, unless the carrier is clearly at fault for the damage.
  • JAL will, to the reasonable extent possible, carry Checked Baggage of a Passenger coincidently with the Passenger on the aircraft which the Passenger boards; provided that, if JAL deems it difficult or impracticable, JAL may carry the Checked Baggage on any other flight in which such Baggage can be loaded within the maximum weight allowance or by any other transportation service.

Pets, musical instruments, sports gear and baby carriages

Traveling with Pets

Pets, including cats, dogs and small birds may be checked in for a separate pet fee. Please arrive at our Pet Check-in Counter (baggage check-in counter) by 30 minutes before your flight departure.

Sports gear

Skis, surfboards, golf bags, diving equipment and other such sports gear are handled like ordinary carry-on items.
(Items between 20 and 32 kilograms are subject to an excess fee, and up to 100 kilograms may be checked in.)

Traveling with Musical Instruments

Musical instruments exceeding the carry-on size limit must be checked in at the check-in counter.

Baby carriages

Baby carriages are handled like ordinary carry-on items.

Damaged baggage and lost baggage

Click here in case of problems with your baggage (damaged or lost luggage.)

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