Traveling with Pets

JAL is happy to help you and your family pet fly together! If you are shipping your pet by itself, it must fly cargo. Please contact ourCargo department (Japanese Only)

  • From Departure to Arrival - A guide to assist you with everything from check-in to retrieval of your pet!
  • Other Information - Information on Pet Reservations, Charges, Rental Pet Carriers and More.
  • JAL Pet Club - Sign up now and earn points towards wonderful prizes!

Ensuring your pet’s safety during travel

To ensure your pet travels comfortably and safely, JAL follows the advice of expert veterinarians and other animal professionals.

Dear Passengers with pets traveling as checked baggage

Restrictions on checked baggage

Suspension of Pet Carrying Service for Bulldogs and French Bulldogs

  • In general, dogs tend to be very sensitive to darkness, changes in temperature, humidity and air pressure, unfamiliar noises, shaking and strange odors, etc. Past cases have shown that Bulldogs and French Bulldogs are especially vulnerable to conditions onboard. Therefore, to ensure the safety of your pet, as of July 20, 2007, Japan Airlines no longer accepts Bulldogs and French Bulldogs aboard all domestic and international flights.


French Bulldogs

Caring for your pet from departure to arrival

Check-in Counter

When traveling with your pet, we need to check the signed waiver before check-in, so please come to our Pet Check-in Counter (baggage check-in counter) no later than 30 minutes prior to your flight's scheduled departure time.

When checking your pet in, you will be required to sign a waiver. The waiver is available for download online from the following link. Please bring the completed waiver with you to the check-in counter on the day of departure.

Download waiver(PDF, 341 KB)

* In order to view PDF documents, you will need to install Adobe Reader on your computer.

about PDF

Planning for Travel with Your Pet

1. At the departure airport

As the baggage depositories at many airports are not air-conditioned, it may be very hot in summer and very cold in winter. We understand that your pet is a much loved member of your family, so we keep your pet at the check-in counter until the last possible moment before your flight departs. Please feel free to make your pet feel more comfortable by placing a favorite automatic waterer in the pet carrier provided it is not damaged or leaking.

2. Prior to loading

Your pet will be transported to the aircraft by a cart and carefully loaded into the cargo compartment by our ground staff.

3. Environment Onboard the aircraft

* Loading area for pets vary with aircraft type.

Your pet will travel in the bulk cargo compartment where it will breathe the same air that is provided to passengers inside the passenger cabin. But it might receive the influence of the outside temperature.

4. Upon arrival at the airport

Our ground staff will carefully carry your pet from the cargo compartment to the arrival lobby and return your pet directly to you at the baggage claim area. Many airports have signs indicating where to pick up your pet.

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Additional Information


[We accept your pet as check-in baggage provided the following conditions are met.]
  • * Our check-in staff will accept only healthy small dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters, etc.
    Due to the animals’ sensitivity, we regret that we no longer accept Bulldogs and French Bulldogs on either domestic or international flights.
  • * Pets traveling alone will fly as cargo. For details, Please contact our Cargo department (Japanese Only)
    Pet carriers are not provided for pets flying as cargo. Cargo is NOT accepted on CRJ / E70 aircrafts.
  • * Large pets weighing 32kgs or more traveling in a pet carrier must fly as cargo.
  • * Your pet will NOT be provided with food or water after check-in. Please be sure to give the animal sufficient food and water before traveling to the airport for your flight. Your pet’s favorite automatic waterer may be placed inside the pet carrier provided they are not damaged or leaking.
    You are welcome to give your pet food or water during long mid-flight stopovers provided you make a request with the airport staff before departure.
  • * Limit weight of pets you may travel with are listed below:
    • The weight of both pets and other check-in baggages shall not exceed 100 kilograms per person.
      (The weight may not exceed no more than 32 kilograms per pet.)
      If the other check-in baggage exceeds 20 kilograms (not including pet), they will be subject to excess baggage charge.
    • As a rule, dogs, cats and other pets will travel in their own separate, personal pet carrier.

Pet Charge

Charges for each pet carrier will be assessed according to the route.

One pet carrier per route is 3,000, 4,000, 5,000, or 6,000 yen according to the route.

Pet Charge List

Rental Pet Carriers

S size W43cm × H40cm × D54cm Weight 3kg
M size W51cm × H48cm × D69cm Weight 5kg
L size W55cm × H60cm × D81cm Weight 7kg
XL size W63cm × H67cm × D90cm Weight 10kg

A limited number of L- and XL- sized pet carriers are available and must be reserved in advance. Please contact JAL Domestic Reservations for reservations and information prior to your domestic flights. Large pets that are too big for the XL-sized pet carriers must fly as cargo. For details, Please contact our Cargo department (Japanese Only). Pet carriers will NOT be provided for pets flying as cargo. (Cargo is NOT accepted on CRJ / E70 aircrafts.)

  • * No advance reservation is required for S- and M- sized pet carriers, please be advised that their numbers are limited
  • * If the rental pet carrier is unavailable or your carrier is deemed inadequate or unsafe by the airline check-in staff, you and your pet will be asked to change to a later flight.
M size

S size W25cm × H25cm × D35cm Weight 4.6kg
M size W32cm × H32cm × D39cm Weight 7.4kg

Rabbits, hamsters and other pets known for their strong teeth will fly in special carriers that are fully enclosed with wire mesh to prevent them from damaging wiring and other sensitive aircraft components.

S size

* Insects and goldfish may be carried onboard, provided that all conditions are satisfied.

For details of these requirements and other information, please contact the Domestic Reservations.

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JAL Pet Club

Membership for the JAL Pet Club is free and entitles you to points every time you fly with us domestically.
You can exchange your points for special pet lovers’ prizes such as waiving pet travel charges and other JAL original goods.

  • Sign up for a free membership to the JAL Pet Club at any JAL check-in counter! To become a member, you must be a JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) member.
  • The JAL Pet Club is a service offered on all JAL Group domestic flights. (Please be advised that points are NOT awarded for international flights or for pets traveling as cargo).

* This service is also available to customers using JAL flights operated by Fuji Dream Airlines (FDA), Hokkaido Air System (HAC) and Amakusa Airlines (AMX).

Accumulating points
  • One point will be accumulated per one flight segment and per one cage.
    (e.g. one cage for two flight segments = two points, two cages for two flight segments = four points)
  • For connection flights, all flight segments will be accumulated (e.g. two flight segments = two points)
  • The membership card is valid until December 31 of the third year of enrollment.

Join today and recieve this adorable Membership card!

Prize 1 5 Points Pet travel charges are waived for one portion for one cage.
Prize 3 10 Points Pet travel charges are waived for one portion for one cage.

For inquiries about JAL Pet Club, please call: 03-5575-3717
Open hours: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, New Years and other public holidays.)

For inquiries about Traveling with Pets, Please contactJAL Domestic Reservations.

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