The Japanese Association Singapore Voucher

Eligible Member

Eligible participant must be both JMB and JAS members residing in Singapore

Availability of Awards

JAS Voucher can be used for the facilities of the JAS.

Please check address, contact number and opening hours on the website.

opens in new windowThe Japanese Association Singapore website

Required Mileage

10,000 miles

SGD120 JAS Voucher

  • *Other conditions regarding mileage redemption will conform to JMB Rules and Conditions.


12 months from issued date of JAS Voucher

How to Request and Use Awards

STEP1Request an award

Check the number of miles in your account.
Miles will be deducted based on the information provided in your request.

  • *The JMB Center will contact you by phone if the required miles cannot be deducted from your account.

At the office

Please apply at the general office of Japanese Association, Singapore (JAS).
Application form is available at the general office of JAS. And here.

opens in new windowApplication form (PDF About 86KB)

STEP2Use your award

JAS Voucher can be used for the facilities of the JAS only.
JAS will contact JMB member to collect the vouchers once it is ready. Process takes about 2 weeks after accepting application.
JMB member may only collect the vouchers from the general office of JAS.

  • *Once this voucher is exchanged, the regulation of JAS Voucher will apply.
  • *Claim for the loss of the coupon will not be accepted.

Changes to The Japanese Association Singapore Voucher

Once deducted, miles cannot be refunded to the original JMB account.

Once miles are redeemed for awards, they cannot be refunded or exchanged for other awards.

  • *The Japanese Association Singapore Voucher are not eligible for the Mileage Reinstatement Service for Unused Awards.

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