Third-Party ID Linking Terms of Use


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Article 1. Use of Third-Party IDs

In using the JAL website and related JAL Group services, any individual registered as a member ("Member") of JAL Mileage Bank ("JMB") can use the ID and password ("Third-Party ID") of a service operated by a company ("Partner Company") stipulated by JAL in a manner designated by JAL to log in to the JAL website and other JAL Group dedicated sites.

Article 2. Linking with Third-Party IDs

The Member shall perform the procedures designated by JAL to link his/her JMB membership number and Third-Party ID ("Third-Party ID Linking Procedures") in order to log in to the JAL website or other JAL Group dedicated site using that Third-Party ID.

Article 3. Agreement to Terms of Use

The terms of the Third-Party ID Linking Procedures are posted on the JAL website. By performing the Third-Party ID Linking Procedures, the Member understands and agrees to these terms.

Article 4. Exclusion of Liability

  1. The Member assumes full responsibility for registering, managing, and maintaining Third-Party IDs and membership information with other companies.
  2. The Member assumes full and sole responsibility for damages incurred by the Member, JAL, the service provider, or any third party as a result of insufficient management, incorrect use, or use by third parties of the Member's Third-Party IDs or membership information registered with other companies. Under no circumstances will JAL be responsible or liable. In the event that JAL incurs any damage, The Member shall compensate JAL for such damage.

Article 5. Deletion and Temporary Suspension

In the event that JAL determines that JAL or a Partner Company's system is not functioning properly and has resulted in or poses the possibility of registered membership information linking errors or compromised personal information, JAL reserves the right to delete or temporarily suspend a Member's registration that was created by linking registered membership information, without prior notice to the Member.