Regarding the strict restrictions of bringing cigarettes.

  1. "Customs Laws" are strictly applied at the time of entry into and exit from Singapore.
    The importation of cigarettes into the country is also very strict, and even a single cigarette is subject to taxation.
    Regardless of the customer's reason,failure to declare taxation may result in a hefty fine.

  2. It is illegal to proceed to the "Green Channel" with carrying cigarettes.
    Violators will be fined up to S$5,000.
    Excuses such as not knowing the regulations will not be accepted.
    Even if there is no officer in the "Red Channel" (the red customs channel), you must wait for the officer and make a declaration.

  3. Cigarettes for personal use are limited to 400 grams (2 cartons, 20 boxes), and the approximate tax value is S$7.65 per box.
    Please note any cigarettes that do not meet the following conditions will not be imported to Singapore.

    ・Cigarettes that do not have a logo or brand mark on the package
    ・Cigarettes with health hazard warnings with graphics instructed by the Singapore government..
    ・The color of the package is drab dark brown.

    The cigarettes sold in Japan do not meet these conditions.

  4. The importation or sale of electronic cigarettes is prohibited in Singapore, and also possession of electronic cigarettes is subject to a fine.
    In the airport even before the custom is no exception.
    Please note that if you are found at the baggage checkpoint, you will also be subject to a police report and a fine.

For more information, please click the Singapore custom page. 

August 3, 2022

Japan Airlines