JMB Crystal status offer for a certain period of time after childbirth

JMB Crystal status will be offered for up to 12 months if eligible members submit their application before the end of the birth month of the second year after childbirth.

Eligible members

JMB members who have FLY ON status at the time of childbirth and their child has or enrolls in JMB Airplane Card/Sirotan Card/Shimajiro Card. (Eligible members can submit both applications at the same time.)

  • *Male members are also eligible.
  • *The applicants should be parents (father/mother), adaptive parent(s)/rear(s) of a child and guardian (s) of a minor.

Application periodÔĹ∑Validity

[Application period]
Until the end of the birth month of the second year after childbirth

[Validity of JMB Crystal status]
Until the end of the service year (March 31) that the application is submitted

e.g) If a child is born on June 3, 2020 Application period: June, 30, 2022

How to apply

  1. Print out the PDF application form.
    • *Carefully read through the notes and conditions and sign on the first page.
    • *Please complete necessary information on the second page.
  2. Send the completed application form (1) by mail.
    • *Members are responsible for the mailing cost.
  3. The JMB Crystal status registration process will be completed around two weeks after we receive the completed application form.
    Members who would like to receive a JMB Crystal card can submit a status card request via the request page after their JMB Crystal status has been reflected to their JMB membership information on the JAL website.
    Please note that JMB Crystal status members can also display their JMB Crystal status on the JAL app.
    Information about requesting a status card
    A JMB Airplane/Sirotan/Shimajiro card will be sent to members who applied for a JMB Kids Card at the same time.


  • Members may be asked to submit documents to prove family relationship between the member and child.
  • Please note that application for this service from ineligible members will not be accepted.
  • JMB Crystal cards will be issued to members only upon request. JMB Crystal cards will not be sent together with JMB Airplane/Sirotan/Shimajiro cards.
  • Please note that it may take more than 2 months until the cards are delivered to until the cards are delivered to members living outside of Japan.
  • Applications before childbirth will not be accepted.
  • Please note that members who have achieved the qualification for JMB Crystal, JMB Sapphire, JGC Premier or JMB Diamond status starting from April of the following year as of the end of the application month are not eligible for this service.
  • JMB Crystal status will be offered up to 2 members per child (Both applicants must be eligible for this service).
  • Application will be accepted one time only per child.

application form(PDF Approx 131KB)

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