The Prohibition of "Premixing Lighters" (lighters with strong and/or blue flame) in Passenger Baggage

In accordance with the revised regulation issued by Safety & Security Council of the Scheduled Airlines of Japan, premixing lighters in both checked baggage and carry-on baggage are under the ban strictly.

Effective from

March 16, 2016

Applicable flights

All JAL Group flights (domestic and international)

  • *Rules for codeshare flights are subject to the operating carrier.


Premixing lighters (lighters with strong and/or blue flame; turbo flame lighters, jet flame lighters and blue flame lighters etc.) are prohibited as both checked or carry-on passenger baggage.

with strong and/or blue flame Premixing lighters(Prohibited in checked or carry-on baggage) Disposable or refillable type of liquefied gas lighter(Only 1 permitted in carry-on baggage)

  • *Cigar lighters are also prohibited as passenger baggage.
  • *Prohibited items are not accepted in passenger baggage even they are sold at airport duty free shops.
  • *There is no policy change for other kinds of lighters.

Premixing lighters are listed as dangerous goods under IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. Japan Airlines, as a member of IATA, is required to follow these regulations and reject the prohibited items on board.
Your understanding and cooperation are highly appreciated.

Please check the list of restricted items in checked and carry-on baggage here. ( Domestic FlightsInternational Flights )

June 30, 2016
Japan Airlines