JAL × 787


Innovating JAL's Worldwide Network
with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Features of the 787

The JAL Boeing 787, developed in pursuit of comfort using advanced technology

  • *Photo is a sample image for JAL SKY SUITE
  • *Photo is a sample image for JAL SHELL FLAT NEO

Wider, bigger windows for wider views

Featuring windows 1.3 times the size of those on conventional medium-sized aircraft, offering wider views. The electric shade featured on windows can be adjusted across five levels based on brightness.

Eye-friendly lighting using LED lights

LEDs are used for in-flight lighting. The JAL unique lighting program expresses the feeling of the four seasons of Japan, and also offers lighting color controls to suit various scenes.

  • *Photo is a sample image for JAL SKY WIDER II

In-flight comfort & freedom

The 787 features wider cabins and higher ceilings, compared with those of conventional medium-sized aircraft. With humidity and air pressure settings which can be adjusted to a level for your comfort, for an accommodating and liberating experience.

Large overhead bins

The spacious, high-capacity baggage bins are the largest found in passenger aircraft. The handles feature a universal design that enables the bins to be pushed or pulled open.

Comfortable lavatories

WASHLETs*1, toilet seats with a warm water cleansing system for aircrafts, have been installed in Business Class*2.
*1 WASHLET is a registered trademark of TOTO.
*2 The WASHLETs have also been adopted in Economy Class on JAL SKY SUITE 787s.



JAL Boeing 787-9 JAL Boeing 787-8
Length 62.8 m 56.7 m
Width 60.1 m
Height 17.0 m
Total Cargo Volume (cubic meters) 154.4㎥ 124.5㎥
Engine GE GEnx Engines
Cruise Speed (Mach) 0.85
Range 14,800 km



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  • Painting JAL's First 787Painting JAL’s First 787
  • JAL's first 787 flightJAL’s first 787 flight