Deutsche Bahn Rail Services (DB) Rail & Fly Service

Deutsche Bahn Rail Services (DB) Rail & Fly Service

Passengers flying on JAL's Frankfurt-Tokyo route can purchase a rail ticket from/to any of the stations within Germany served by Deutsche Bahn when booking their flight ticket.


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(12-15 years of age)
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(Under age of 2)

Eligible passengers

Passengers on flights JL407/408 who travel onwards using Deutsche Bahn Rail Services (Connections must be in 24hours.)

  • *Train tickets are only valid on the day or the following day of the Deutsche Bahn reservation.

Eligible fares

All JL Published fares from Japan / Germany

  • *oneworld fares are not applicable for this service.
  • *JAL Group international award tickets, and tickets issued by other carriers are not applicable for this service.

Main Deutsche Bahn Rail Services routes (to and from Frankfurt Airport station)

JAL Free Shuttle Bus Service (Between Frankfurt Airport and Dusseldorf)

Eligible routes

All Deutsche Bahn (DB) sectors to/from Frankfurt Airport Station (including Basel Badischer Station and Salzburg Station)

  • *However, the following are not covered by this offer.
    • Frankfurt local area (Rhein Main Verkehrsverband area)
    • Subway (U-Bahn)
    • Tram/Strassenbahn
    • Thalys
    • DB Autozug
    • Special Train (Sonderzügen)
    • City Night Line

Usage conditions

In accordance with the applicable Fare Regulations.

How to use the service

How to reserve the service

Please reserve this service when making your international flight ticket reservation through JAL website, call center (JAL International Reservation and Information), or your travel agent.

  • *If you wish to add Deutsche Bahn Rail sector after purchasing your flight ticket, please contact the place where you purchased your flight ticket.
  • *You cannot add a Deutsche Bahn ticket after purchasing your ticket on the JAL Web site. Please apply for the air ticket and the Deutsche Bahn ticket at the same time. Please select "Railway Germany, QYG" from the booking cassette.

Boarding class

The boarding class for Deutsche Bahn (DB) sector depends on the your fare. Please see below for how to check your boarding class on the JAL website.

  • If you would like to reserve and purchase a ticket, please see this section

    Step1Select your flight

    Select your destination "Railway Germany, QYG" from the booking cassette and proceed to the booking.

    Choose the flight you want to reserve.

    Step2Check your boarding class

    Please open the Your itinerary on the right side of the screen and check the "Boarding Class" for the Deutsche Bahn section.

  • How to check the boarding class after purchase a ticket.

    Step1The booking details screen

    Step2Confirmation of boarding class

    Please check the "Cabin" of the Deutsche Bahn segment in the Flight information of your reservation.

Online ticket

Rail&Fly passengers is require to issue Online Boarding Pass on the Check-in web site.
You will need to show your Online Ticket when boarding. Please print and bring your boarding pass in advance or present the e-mail containing your boarding pass.

  • *You will be redirected to an external site.
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  • *Online ticket can be issued from 72 hours prior to departure of Deutsche Bahn Rail Services.
  • *Please prepare for PNR Locator or JAL e-Ticket Number and access to the Check-in web site.
  • *Changes to a booking may not be permitted after the issue of Online ticket.
  • *Railway section is issued as part of flight ticket. If the customer does not follow the itinerary in order or has a segment that will not be flown listed on the ticket, this could invalidate the ticket, including all remaining segments, and render the ticket unusable in accordance with fare regulations.

Q&A Regarding Deutsche Bahn

  • Q Is the time shown on my e-ticket the actual departure (arrival) time of Deutsche Bahn?


    The departure (arrival) time is only for reference.
    You may take any train if the connecting train to/from JL407/JL408 is within 24 hours of arrival/departure. Please confirm train type and departure time and take extra time.

  • Q Can I board Deutsche Bahn without pick up my checked baggage after JL407 arrival?


    Your baggage may not be checked through to Deutsche Bahn.
    Pick up your baggage upon arrival at Frankfurt Airport and board the train.

  • Q Can I reserve a seat?


    The ticket is issued not as a reserved-seat ticket but a railway ticket. Please take an available seat after boarding.
    If you prefer a reserved seat, purchase a reserved-seat ticket at the Deutsche Bahn counter.
    Also, please note that if characters are displayed on the electric board located on the overhead of seat, the seat is already reserved.

  • Q Can I board ICE sprinter?


    The additional charge to board ICE Sprinter is no longer necessary from December 2015.
    You can board with your ticket without any charge.

  • Q Is it necessary to change the train in case of connecting from a sector outside Germany?


    There is no need to disembark or exit outside the ticket gate at a station on the border when holding in advance a ticket of a rail company of the relevant country from outside Germany to a station on the German-side border.

    • *Connection to/from Belgium is not applicable after January, 2017.


  • After exchanging for your Deutsche Bahn Rail Services rail tickets, the Deutsche Bahn Rail Services Conditions of Carriage apply.
    For any inquiry during your stay in Europe, please refer to the contact below.
  • Please refer Rail&Fly important information or the "Deutsche Bahn Rail Services" page for details.
  • *You will be redirected to an external site.

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  • For any inquiry during your stay in Europe, please refer to the contact below.

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