In-flight Wi-Fi service How you fly is changing. Towards a freely connected sky.

Introduction of in-flight internet service (paid service). Using the satellite connectivity service of U.S. company gogo, we point towards a new era of air travel in offering in-flight internet service. Customers will be able to use the internet and email through their own wireless LAN capable devices, including smartphones, tablets, and notebook computers.

*Wi-Fi service of Fukuoka-Okinawa(Naha), Okinawa(Naha)-Miyako route will be released in 2017.

Introduction of in-flight entertainment through Wi-Fi.(free service)

In-flight internet.(fee based)

Usage fare
An half hour plan: JPY 400/30 minutes
Flight plan(use the service during a flight and no time limit, please refer to the tariff below)
  • * Usage fee is to be paid by credit card only.
  • * The Device type can be recognized automatically.
  • * For the reason that the Wi-Fi is sent via communications satellites, please be aware that the mobile broadband might be interrupted or unavailable, depending on time and location of the aircraft.
  • * Some lags in speed might occur when downloading or uploading data.
    Congestion might occur when a lot of people are using the in-flight Internet service at the same time.
Outline of JMB Campaign

1. Domestic Wi-Fi Coupon Giveaway Promotion

Member of JMB DIAMOND, JGC PREMIER and JMB SAPPHIRE are eligible for applying "JAL In-flight Wi-Fi pass" for 60-minute usage.

Number of "JAL In-flight Wi-Fi pass" offered to eligible JMB members:
JMB DIAMOND members: 80; JGC PREMIER members: 80; JMB SAPPHIRE members: 50

Applicable period for usage:
April 1 ,2016 ~ March 31 ,2017 (Flight date)

How to apply:
The eligible JMB members need to apply "JAL In-flight Wi-Fi pass" in advance to enjoy this service. The detailed information can be found on JAL website to each eligible JMB member.

2. Redeeming Mileage Campaign

All JMB members can redeem their miles to get different JAL In-flight Wi-Fi coupon for Wi-Fi service usage on domestic or international flights.

Application period:
From October 1, 2014 (Coupon will be sent by e-mail within 3 to 5 days after applying for this campaign)

Required miles:

Routes with Wi-Fi service Required Miles Type of Coupon
(Six months validity from date of application)
Number of Coupon
Domestic routes 1,200 60-minute usage coupon 2
International routes 2,000 24-hour usage coupon 1

Available routes

Routes operated by revamped aircraft-JAL SKY NEXT
For flight information about JAL SKY NEXT, Please refer to the Flight Status one day before the flight departure.

How to use JAL In-flight Wi-Fi pass

For information on how to use JAL In-flight Wi-Fi pass obtained through various campaigns, please see the JAL In-flight Wi-Fi pass Usage Instructions  (PDF file, approx. 326KB).

Adobe Reader is necessary to view or print PDF files.

Advanced registration for Gogo user account

Gogo user account registration is required to use the in-flight Internet services.
You may register on the flight, however due to the communications environment, it may take more time then restring on the ground.

If you already have a Gogo  account, you can confirm and change your registered information from the following link.

Inquiries about the service

For inquiries about promotions and JAL In-flight Wi-Fi Coupon Awards

In-flight Wi-Fi service desk
freedial 0120-251-750 9:00~17:30 daily ,except Sat.,Sun.,public holidays,Year End and new Year Holidays
Please use the following number when calling from mobile phones or from outside Japan. [toll call]
03-6745-7796 9:00~17:30 daily ,except Sat.,Sun.,public holidays,Year End and new Year Holidays

For JMB members in regions other than Japan, please contact the JAL Mileage Bank Center of your region.

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