The new JAL. Boeing 777-200ER(SS2) will be introduced JAL SKY SUITE 777 Coming to Tokyo (Haneda) - Honolulu route on December 15 and
Osaka (Kansai) - Honolulu route on January 9, 2017.

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World's No.1 Seats Economy class Seats (2015)World's No.1 Seats Business class seats (2013)

  • Think of it: a luxurious restaurant with offerings from around the world, flying through the sky. The last 'D' of 'JAL BEDD,' the name of our flying restaurant that is enjoyed all over the world, refers to the concepts of care-free 'Dining' with 'Delicious' foods and 'Dream-like' comfort. Enjoy a lofty dining experience right from your seat in the sky.
  • We strive to serve meals that are pleasurable, not just tasty, so that people will say 'I want to fly JAL so I can enjoy the food.' We will add something special to food service. Enjoy the JAL Kitchen Gallery, based on JAL's 'heartfelt hospitality.'

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