Ticket Service Fee for International Award Tickets

At Japan Airlines, Ticket Service Fee will apply in case of new ticket issuance and change of ticket.
For changes after the ticket issue, Ticket Service Fee applies whether or not there are differences in amount of tax/charge.

Ticket Service Fee

Place of booking/
Region Country/Area Amount
(new ticket issue and ticket change)
JAL website
JAL mobile site*1
All regions none N/A
JMB International Award Reservations Desk/JMB Center
JAL Ticketing Counters
Japan Japan •2,160 (tax included)
North America U.S.A. USD 20
Europe U.K. GBP 15
Switzerland CHF 20
Russia EUR 20
Other European countries EUR 20
China CNY 150
Hong Kong HKD 150
Taiwan TWD 550
Korea KRW 20,000
Indonesia IDR 250,000
Singapore SGD 25
Australia AUD 25
Guam USD 20
Philippines USD 20
Vietnam USD 20
Malaysia MYR 80
Thailand THB 600
India*2 INR 1,200

Applicable tickets

  • JAL International Award Tickets
  • JMB Partner Airlines Award Tickets
  • oneworld Award Tickets
  • Jetstar Japan Award Tickets


New ticket issue

  • Tickets for infants not occupying a seat
  • Payment by JAL Ryoko-ken, JAL Travel Ryoko-ken, JTS Ryoko-ken, JAL Travel Ryoko-ken (Hokkaido), or HTS Ryoko-ken

Ticket change

  • Tickets for infants not occupying a seat
  • Changes by involuntary reason


New ticket issue

  • Separate tickets that are issued at the same time for a continuous itinerary*†will be counted as one set of tickets and will be subject to one Ticket Service Fee.
    • *When a purchased international ticket and an international award ticket are issued at the same time, the Ticket Service Fee applies to the purchased international ticket only.

New ticket issue and ticket change

  • Ticket Service Fee applies per ticket.
  • Ticket Service Fee will apply when the JMB International Award Reservations Desk/JMB Center performs ticket transactions for itineraries that cannot be booked/ticketed or changes that cannot be processed on the JAL website or JAL mobile site.

Ticket change

  • One Ticket Service Fee will apply per ticket when making changes after the ticket has been issued, regardless of the necessity of ticket reissue.
  • Ticket Service Fee of the country where the change is processed will apply if the change is handled in the country other than the country of ticket issue.


  • Ticket Service Fee is non-refundable.
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