Minimal Allergen Meals

Special In-flight Meals for Allergy Sufferers

JAL has teamed up with globally renowned minimal allergen food producer. Tsuji Anzen Shokuhin Co., Ltd. (Tsuji Foods Ltd.) to create a delicious and nutritious new in-flight menu.
All non-green salad and fruits dishes on our two new minimal allergen menus have been produced by Tsuji Foods Ltd. All main course recipes have been exclusively created for JAL by Tsuji Foods Ltd., while all meals including fresh green garden salads are readied for serving in our official caterer’s kitchens.
We now offer you a choice of healthy 7 minimal allergen and 27 minimal allergen (7 allergen+20 allergen) menus.

Below is a list of allergen sources for which labeling is either required or recommended by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

7 allergen sources
for which labeling is required by law
Shrimp, crab, wheat, buckwheat, dairy products, eggs and peanuts
20 allergen sources
for which labeling is recommended by law
abalone, cuttlefish, salmon roe, oranges, kiwis, beef, walnuts, salmon, mackerel, soybeans, poultry, bananas, pork, matsutake mushrooms, peaches, yams, apples, gelatin, cashews and sesame.

Dishes on our new minimal allergen menus contain no nuts (i.e. almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts, pecans, macadamias, pistachios, chestnuts, pine nuts or peanuts).

  • *While JAL and its caterers make every effort to prevent allergen penetration during food handling and preparation, tiny levels of such substances may sometimes unintentionally appear in meals.
  • *Please note that minimal allergen meals may sometimes be unavailable because of weather conditions or other unforeseeable irregularities.

Tsuji Foods Ltd.

Thanks to Tsuji Foods Ltd.’s tasty, totally minimal allergen cuisines, allergen sufferers no longer have to worry about the hassle of bringing their own food or dining-out before their flight departs.

  • *Contains no recognized allergen sources.
  • *Fully one year in development, our entrées taste truly delicious!

“Enjoy flying without having to worry about food allergens.”
Koichiro Tsuji, President, Tsuji Foods Ltd.

Photo: Koichiro Tsuji, President, Tsuji Foods Ltd.

Menu Detailes

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First and Business Class Menu

Premium Economy and Economy Class Menu

How to order special meals if you have food allergies.

Special meals for passengers with food allergies can be ordered by telephone. Please place your order at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of your flight, in the following manner:
If you change your flight reservation, please note that your special meal order is not automatically changed. Please contact Japan Airlines directly by telephone to re-arrange your special meal order.

For passengers who have made flight reservations directly with Japan Airlines

Please contact our International Reservations, Ticketing & Information Center.

For passengers who have made flight reservations through a travel agency
Please inform the travel agency of your preference for the special meal for passengers with allergies first, then contact the Japan Airlines International Reservations & Information Center by telephone.

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