Connection from Domestic Flight to International Flight

  1. Domestic Arrivals, Terminal 1, 1st Floor
  2. Free shuttle bus services between terminals 1st Floor (arrival floor) Bus Stop No. 8
  3. Arrive at International Terminal, 1st Floor
  4. Go to 3rd Floor (departure floor)
  • It takes about 60 minutes to connect between terminals.Passengers who have not checked in baggage through for the international flight
  • please pick up your baggage at the domestic terminal, and take them to the international terminal.
  • In addition to shuttle buses, the Monorail and KeiKyu Line are also available. In this case, you can receive a special free ticket at the Information Counter.

Connection from International Flight to Domestic Flight

  1. International Arrivals, International Terminal, 2nd Floor
  2. JAL Domestic Connection Counter, 2nd Floor (arrival floor) Check-in for your domestic flight and baggage
  3. Security Check Point,2nd Floor(arival floor)
  4. Bus Stop for Domestic Terminal 1
  5. Domestic Terminal 1
  • It takes about 70 minutes to connect between terminals.
  • In adition to the Tokyo Monorail, Keikyu Line and shuttle buses are also available.

*Passengers who have checked in through for the JAL domestic flight and have no baggage to check in do not need to come to the connection counter.

Please proceed straight to security check point for Domestic flights.

Opening hours of JAL Domestic Connection Counter is as follows.

05:00-08:30, 09:30-11:30, 12:45-20:20

  • *Above is subject to be changed upon the operational situation of JAL international flight.
  • *The connection check-in service is only available on the departure day of JAL domestic flight.

Connection from International Flight to International Flight

  • After arrival, please check-in for your connection flight at the International Connection Counter located before immigration control, and proceed to security for connecting passengers from the entrance beside the counter. After going through security, take the elevator to the 3rd floor (departure floor).
  • Passengers who have checked in through for the international flight to their final destination, Please proceed straight to security for connecting passengers.