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JAL offers a competitive range of fares to suit your diverse travel needs. Our extensive search system will help you find the fare of your choice.

  • Please note that the number of available seats are limited. Also, these fares are not available on all routes, flights and dates. For details, please check List of Fares.
  • All discount rates are based on One-Way Fares for the day of travel.
  • The maximum discount rate set for each fare (except for TOKUBIN 1 Advanced Purchase Fare, TOKUBIN 3 Advanced Purchase Fare, TOKUBIN 7 Advanced Purchase Fare, TOKUBIN 21 Advanced Purchase Fare, Special Transit Fare, Transit Fare 7, Transit Fare 28) are for flights between March 29 through October 24, 2015.

Information of Fares

  • Click List of Domestic Fares for details of the various fares and their terms and conditions. You can check fare rules and details from List of Domestic Fares or Search for Fares.

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Ticket Refund and Cancellation Charges
Refunds and Cancellations

Excess Baggage Charge
If you need to carry a baggage on-board that exceeds our limits, an extra fee is charged for the additional seats.

Extra Seat Charge
Additional seats are available with an extra fee for passengers requiring two or more seats for their comfort.

Traveling with Pets
Your family member will be well looked after until arrival at destination airport.

Traveling with Musical Instruments
JAL offers special services for passengers traveling with a musical instrument for a more enjoyable flight.

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