Win a Trip with JAL

Eligible passengers

Passengers traveling to Japan on an eligible flight during the specified period

  • Applications are limited to one per passenger.
  • Passengers must be members of an overseas region JMB.
  • Residence must be outside Japan. Passenger must hold a passport issued by a country other than Japan, or a Japanese passport holder with the right of permanent residence of a country other than Japan.
  • When boarding, you may be asked to present proof that you visited Japan during the specified period (such as a copy of an international flight ticket or eTicket, etc.).
  • Members can travel with their partner, family or friends.

You can ask for up to 4 seats with one application.

(Maximum number of persons per application: Total of 4 adults and infants, maximum of two accompanying infants)

  • Applications cannot include infants who need a seat (0 - 2 year(s) old).
  • Applications cannot be made solely for children (3 - 11 years old).
    Children must be accompanied by an adult aged 12 years or over.


Applications are for return flights (2 segments) from/to Tokyo (Haneda) or Osaka (Itami or Kansai).

You will see four possible destinations when you apply. We'll let you know where you're going by email within 3 days.

  • Due to the great number of applications, it may take longer than 3 days after the subscription.
  • All segments are direct flights only.
  • Flights are between July 1, 2020 (Wed) and September 30 (Wed).
    The return flight must be within 10 days of the outbound flight.


Up to 100,000 seats are being offered. However, there are a limited number of available seats, so some cases no destinations will be shown.