Transportation of Pets/Live Animals

We offer different handling procedure for international and domestic flights to ensure the safety and comfort for animal transport.

Measures to transport live animals(pets) safely.

Since safety of your animal is priority number one, we take various measures based on advice from specialists.
Please check here for the service flow from acceptance to delivery.

Flow from acceptance to delivery

Transportation environment

Animal(pets) restrictions

  • Puppies within 8weeks (56 days)
  • Snub nose dogs such as Bulldogs and French bulldogs

Unacceptable snub nose dogs

  • Cynomolgus monkeys ,African green monkeys, Rhesus monkeys
  • Wild birds
  • Dogs and monkeys for experimental purposes (Contact us for queries about other animals for experimental purposes.)
  • Live animals prohibited from being transported under ordinances, laws and regulations
  • Live animals placed in containers (crates) not suitable for transportation
  • Other live animals specified by our policy

Restrictions for snub nose dogs

Since snub nose dogs are sensitive to high temperatures compared to other breeds and may suffer dehydration or breathing difficulty, we have a restriction policy.

Bulldogs and French bulldogs

On both international and domestic flights, Bulldogs and French Bulldogs are unacceptable throughout the year.

Other restriction

The following 21 dog breeds are not accepted during summer.

  • *On international flights, this policy is exercised year-round.
Affenpinscher Bordeaux Mastiff Boston terrier
Boxer Brussels Griffon Bull terrier
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Chin Chow chow
Italian Corso dog King Charles Spaniel Lhasa Apso
Mastiff Pekinese Perro de Presa Canario
Pit Bull Terrier Pug Shar Pei
Shih Tzu Staffordshire Bull Terrier Tibetan Prayer Dog
  • Breeds other than the above will be accepted even if the name of the dog breed is similar.

Transport container (crate)

Upon transportation, shippers and forwarders are responsible for arranging crates which ensures satisfaction of following requirements.

  • *1The container must be big enough for the animal to change directions while standing and to stand and sit with its legs stretched. Please satisfy the following standards. (correspond to IATA Live Animals Regulations Chapter 8, CONTAINER REQUIREMENT)
Body length(A)+1/2 of length of leg(B)
Twice the shoulder width(C)
The animal's head does not hit the ceiling of the pet crate when standing. (D)
  • *2A pet crate basically made for carrying and made of strong material
  • *3Structured to allow sufficient ventilation
  • *4Containers with a door (lid) must be structured so that it can be locked from outside.
  • *5Containers with a latch must be securely latched.
  • *6Not damage and structured so that the animal cannot escape from gaps or joints
  • *7Containers in the following examples and inappropriate containers as determined by staff cannot be accepted even if you have a reservation.
  • A cardboard box

  • A soft case

  • A plastic clothes case

  • A plastic container which lacks strength

  • A container with a cardboard box lid

  • The upper and lower parts of the container are secured with reinforced metal and your pet cannot be given water in case it looks unwell.

  • *8(For Domestic) Specific breeds indicated as below must be put in strong metal containers.
    • *Similar dog breeds will be handled in the same way.
Boxer Doberman Great Dane
Japanese Akita Japanese Kishu Japanese Tosa
Shepherd St. Bernard

Flow of domestic cargo

In case of domestic cargo


Check the restrictions and regulations.(Crate requirements, breed restrictions etc)

Advance reservations

Make contact to our sales office to request animal transportation in advance.
We may not accept animals without booking.

  • *Freight forwarders are required to book through our booking portal site.

Bring in your animal

Please bring your pet to the JAL cargo sales office at the departure airport 90 minutes before departure of the booked flight at the latest.
You must complete all procedures by above time.


Please make booking on our booking system.
You need to agree to the Shipper’s Declaration for live animal. We recommend to confirm it in advance.


We will calculate the fare based on weight and container size. Fare of live animals is generally 50% extra of the general fare. For details, please read the following.

Documents for international transportation

As various procedures are required, customers generally make reservations through an air freight forwarder.
Documents and procedures differ depending on the country of the destination for quarantine reasons and such. Customers are requested to contact the animal quarantine office in advance themselves.

Generally, the following documents are required.

  • Shipper's Certification for live animals
  • Export Quarantine Certificate (issued by animal quarantine office)
  • Rabies Shot Certification (issued by veterinary)

All the documents must be attached to air waybill.

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