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Last updated: 2013.07.12

1.Scope of Application of Terms of Use

The Terms of Use apply to all individuals who use the JAL Web site (hereinafter referred to as "this Site").

2.Compliance Rules for Use

All users of this Site are required to refrain from the following behavior.

3.Liability for Third Party Damages

JAL assumes no responsibility for damages incurred by a third party during the use of this Site by the user. Liability and compensation for such damages shall be the responsibility of the user, and any disputes with a third party shall be settled between the user and said third party.

4.Compensation for Damages

In the case that the user violates the Terms and in doing so causes damages, JAL shall reserve the right to claim compensation for damages.

5.General Disclaimer

By accessing this Site, the user acknowledges and accepts the following terms and conditions.

6.Copyrights and Trademarks

Copyrights and trademarks contained within this Site are subject to the following regulations.

7.Handling of Personal Information (Security Policy)

Personal information handled within this Site is subject to the stipulations provided separately in "JAL Group's Basic Policies on Information Security and the Protection of Personal Information".

8.Recommended Environment for this Site

For information on the recommended environment of this Site, see the "This page will open in a new windowRecommended Environment" page.

9.Changes to Terms of Use

JAL reserves the right to alter the Terms of Use without the consent of the user. The Terms of Use that have been altered come in force at the time that they appear on this Site, unless otherwise specified by JAL.

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