Carriage of Other Special Cargo

Refrigerated Goods (PER/ICE),
Valuables, Live Animals and Dangerous Goods.

JALCARGO keeps your goods fresh!
Refrigerated Goods (PER/ICE)

Keep the freshness of fresh foodstuff as it is!Refrigerated Goods (PER/ICE)

Recommended for products which value freshness but do not require precise temperature control, such as fresh foodstuff, cheese and wine.

Even though the transportation by air requires shorter time compared to other modes, continuously exposing fresh foodstuffs to normal temperature may cause quality deterioration. To keep the freshness, JALCARGO will provide temperature control service using our special transportaion equipment and dry ice.

Temperature Controlled Transportation

Protect your precious cargo!
Valuables, Live Animals, Dangerous Goods

Special procedures handled by our professionals will protect your precious cargo such as expensive jewelry, live animals and dangerous goods.

Protect your precious cargo!Valuables, Live Animals, Dangerous Goods

JAL CARGO takes various measures based on advice from specialists, since safety of your animal is priority number one.

Transportation of Pets/Live Animals

View the handling and restrictions for "Dangerous Goods" transported as air cargo.

Carriage of Dangerous Goods

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