RED à table

The "à table" in "RED à table" is a French word that means the beginning of a homey, warm, and fun time, as in," The food is ready, Come on, everyone,gather around the table.” a food producer Fumiko Kono, and six RED U-35 finalists gathered around a table to create a menu with various perspectives, such as reducing foodloss and passing on food culture, in addition to deliciousness.

Supervised chef

OGINO Satoshi "Akasaka Ogino"

Born in Tokyo. Japanese Cuisine.

INOUE Takahiro "pesceco"

Born in Nagasaki Prefecture.
Italian Cuisine.

Available on routes
From Japan to America (except Hawaii, Guam), Europe(except Vladivostok), Australlia and South East Asia (except departing flights in midnight) *Two options are available for main dish on above route excluding Manila service.
  • *Photo may vary.
  • *With the influence of COVID-19, we will temporary change the menu and route. For details, please search from the In-flight meal menu.

The menu image of RED U-35's Chinese Menu.