RED U-35 × Well-being

JAL’s new inflight meals are not only delicious-the more you eat, the happier your body will be.
The supervising menus created by 5 cutting-edge chefs who have achieved excellent results in the past at "RED U-35" Japanese largest cooking competition that seeks out young talents of the new era, will be sequentially introduced.The menu will be presented in a unique way, incorporating "Ingredients of the Future 50" as well as the aroma, texture, and appearance of each ingredient when the lid is opened.

Supervised chef

KYOTO ”Japanese Cuisine Kenya”

Chef SAKAI Kenya

Born in Aomori.After graduating from the Tsuji Culinary Institute in osaka, he joined at “Kikunoi” and worked as the head chef at “Kikunoi Mugen Sanbo”. After working at “Shoji at 69 Leonard Street” in New York, “LURRA°” in Kyoto, and “Kyo, Seika” for Chinese cuisine, he opened Japanese Cuisine "Kenya” as the owner chef in Okazaki, Kyoto in 2021. He explores the identity of Japanese cuisine with the theme of “in tune with the times”.

Available on routes
From Japan to America (except Hawaii, Guam), Europe(except Vladivostok), Australlia, Middle East, South Asia and South East Asia (except departing flights in midnight) *Two options are available for main dish on above route excluding Manila service.
  • *Photo may vary.

Menu supervised by an elite chef who has previously won distinctions at RED U-35.