Resgatando Milhas

Você pode resgatar milhas para uma grande variedade de prêmios incluindo bilhetes prêmio, upgrades e outros.

Redeeming Mileage

  • Award Tickets
    Redeem miles for round-trip award tickets offered by JAL Group Airlines or JMB partner airlines.
  • Upgrade Awards
    Upgrade Awards allow the user to fly in the next higher class of service than that of the purchased ticket.
  • JAL COUPON Awards
    JAL coupon awards can be used to make full or partial payment for JAL Group tickets, inflight purchases, stays at JAL Hotels and other purchases.

    In-flight Wi-Fi Coupon Awards
    Redeem miles for In-flight Wi-Fi coupon for Wi-Fi service usage on international flight.
    ・JAL International flight: 2,000miles
    to Japan
    (Details only in Japanese) Redeem miles for selected items and send it to your family members in Japan.
    Redeem miles for cetificates exchangeable for limousine service in New York or Los Angeles area.
  • Asahi Shimbun Digital Award
    (Detail only in Japanese) Redeem miles for access to Asahi Shimbun Digital that offers news in real time and contents ranking with that of tabloids.

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