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For cockpit crew, cabin attendants, sales and maintenance staff
Cabin attendant uniform designed by Yoshie Inaba
Tokyo, July 10: The JAL Group today unveiled new uniforms that will be adopted from April 2004 for the approximately 26,000 employees of the Group when the complete integration of Japan Airlines and Japan Air System is completed and two new airlines will be created.

Cockpit crew, cabin attendants and ground staff (airport, sales office and maintenance staff) will receive new uniforms. Cabin attendant uniforms are designed by leading Japanese couturier Yoshie Inaba, who designed the current JAL cabin crew uniform in 1996.

Integration of the JAL and JAS has been planned in two phases, with phase one launched in October 2002 by the formation of the JAL Group holding company, Japan Airlines System Corporation. Phase two of the integration begins in April 2004, when the Group will be restructured into two new airline companies, JAL International, which will handle international operations, and JAL Japan, which will fly domestic routes.

The uniforms feature JAL's newly-branded "Arc of the Sun" symbol and the red, silver, black and off-white colors used in all aspects of JAL Group design to create an image that communicates Japan, safety, innovation, quality, and reliability.

Introduction and procurement of the new uniforms has been the focus of a procurement improvement project using bulk orders and supply chain management to minimize costs. It is estimated that the new system will include a one billion yen saving over a six-year period compared to current uniform policy.

Currently, uniforms that are no longer usable are disposed of by burning, but now a uniform recycling system is being introduced as part of the JAL Group's environmental activities, to minimize waste of non-renewable resources.

The recycling system begins with shredding the old uniforms then turns the fiber thus produced into felt for automotive applications. Because of these efforts to reduce the burden of waste on the environment, the uniforms will be certified to bear the Eco mark.

Please see the attached materials for details of the new uniforms.
  • Profile of JAL Group's new cabin attendant uniform designer – Yoshie Inaba
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