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Profile of JAL Group's new cabin attendant uniform designer
Yoshie Inaba

1939 Born in Tokyo
1958 Graduated from Futaba Gakuen in Yokohama
1960 Graduated from the Faculty of Art, Bunka Gakuin
1963 Graduated from the Hara Nobuko Academy of Clothing Design
1964 Opened her own haute couture atelier
1970 Founded apparel manufacturer BIGI and launched BIGI brand
1972 Launched MOGA brand
1981 Launched yoshie inaba brand
1981 Won 25th Japan Fashion Editors Club Award
1988 Launched L'EQUIPE YOSHIE INABA brand
2001 Launched LaPeriodo yoshie inaba brand
2002 Served as judge for the Good Design Award
2002 Participated in JETRO's "One Village, One Product Movement"

Licensed Products
Starting with neckties in 1986, and handkerchiefs in 1987, she has expanded her line to include scarves, towels, eyeglasses, shoes, kimono, tortoise shell glasses and accessories, bath and toiletry products.

Corporate Uniform Design
She has designed uniforms for Suntory Hall, Kao Sofina, Nippon Trust Bank, Omron, Aomori Bank, Tokyu Corporation, Tokyu Bus Corporation. In 1996, she designed new uniforms for JAL cabin staff. In 2002, she designed new uniforms for Albion Company, Ltd., Mikimoto Company, Ltd., and her alma mater Futaba Gakuen in Yokohama.

Currently, she is involved with designing the new JAL group's cabin attendant uniform, which will make its appearance in April 2004, after the completion of JAL and JAS merger.
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