Press Releases (American Region)

Flight crew uniforms
Flight crew will wear black double-breasted suits with gold arm stripes. The new JAL mark is used for cap and chest emblems, and the wings around the mark are spread in flight. This uniform style is intended to project tradition, reliability and peace of mind.
Cabin crew uniforms
Japanese designer Yoshie Inaba, creator of the current JAL cabin crew uniforms so popular among customers and crew alike, was tapped to design the new uniforms. The design concept, based on reliability and sophistication, is spare and projects a strong feeling of integration.
In tune with today's urbane tastes, female cabin crew uniforms are charcoal gray with pink or blue coordinated scarves, projecting a bright yet gentle feeling. Senior flight attendants will wear scarves in a white and navy pattern. Male cabin crew will wear midnight blue jackets with narrow regimental stripe ties.
Ground staff
Airport and city offices
To express pride in Japanese tradition, the fabric used for jackets and vests worn by airport and city office staff incorporates a diamond-shaped motif, while scarves with a rolling wave design, intended to express limitless possibility, will be worn as an accent.
Maintenance engineers
These uniforms incorporate black accents, to express sincerity, accuracy and uncompromising professionalism. Work coveralls carry a large JAL logo on the back. The plain design of these uniforms belies the painstaking touches used to ensure functionality and safety. Chief maintenance engineers' uniforms have a shoulder patch symbolizing leadership authority.
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