Hokkaido Air System(HAC) Domestic Award Tickets

Eligible Routes

All HAC flights are eligible.
Non eligible flights and routes are subject to change without prior notice.

Who is Eligible for Awards

Awards can be used by the JMB member and the following relatives designated by the member.

Required Mileage

Round-trip (2 flight sectors) : 12,000 miles
One-way (1 flight sector) : 9,000 miles

Conditions for Using Awards

All flights must be confirmed at the time of mileage redemption.
Any 2 flight sectors or 1 flight sector can be included in 1 award.

Restricted Travel Dates for Awards

There are no restricted travel dates.

How to Redeem and Use Awards

Award booking will be accepted starting no earlier than 9:30 am (Japan Time) 2 months prior to date of departure and no later than 18:00 pm (Japan Time) on 4 days (not including the day of departure) prior to departure.
Award booking must be made by telephone through JMB HAC Award Reservation Desk in Japan. Award booking cannot be requested through JAL website.

Where to Request
JMB HAC Award Reservation Desk
ND 0570-044-045 (Toll call)
When you use a international call or from IP-phone, please call 011-330-9922 (Toll call).
(9:30-18:00 / 7 days a week)
The content of conversation with the customer may be recorded or monitored to ensure quality service.
*Please confirm the telephone number before making requests.

How to change or cancel awards
Please call the JMB HAC Award Reservation Desk in Japan.


Award tickets once issued are valid only for the flight and date reserved. If an earlier flight on the day of departure is available, you may board the earlier flight provided it is of the same flight sector. Failure to travel will result in the forfeiture of the award ticket, and refund of mileage*1 or change of award may not be available.
The validity of Award tickets are 90 days from the next day of the ticket issuance (date mileage was redeemed), only if the reservation change was made within the date change deadline. All travel must be completed within the validity.

Changes to Awards

Date changes or flight changes are permitted within the validity of the award ticket if the ticket is totally unused and if members contacted JMB HAC Award Reservation Desk in Japan during the office hours of deadlines below.

Not Permitted

Changes of traveler's name, routing, direction of the travel, type of award

* "Mileage Reinstatement Service for Unused Awards" is applicable in case of cancellation of unused award tickets.

Deadlines for changing reservations
Reservation must be changed at least 4 days before the new departure date of the flight sector or before the original departure date and time of the flight sector (whichever comes first).
However, the journey must be completed within the validity of the award tickets.


  Original departure date New departure date Reservation change*1
(through telephone)
Eg1 Sep 10 Sep 08 Until 18:00 Sep 04
Eg2 Sep 10 Sep 12 Until 18:00 Sep 08
Eg3 Sep 10 Sep 21 Until the flight departure time of
Sep 10

How to check in at the airport

Quick Check-in

Mileage Reinstatement Service for Unused Awards

After application for the award has been completed the mileage used for the award can only be reinstated for totally unused award by paying the applicable fee.
All reinstated mileage must be returned to the JMB account from which it was redeemed.
Please click here for further details.

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