e JAL Point Awards

  • e JAL Points can be used to purchase flight tickets and package tours - and are available from 5,000 miles

JMB News & Special Offers

  • Effective November 16, 2017, e JAL Points used for payment will be refunded when the airline ticket is canceled
    (Any amount paid with e JAL Points on/before November 15, 2017 cannot be refunded).


What are e JAL Points?

e JAL Points are points that can be used for full or partial payment when purchasing flight tickets and package tours on the JAL website. e JAL Point Awards are available only to JMB members in the Japan Region.

Eligible Purchases

Every 1 e JAL Point can be used as ¥1.

Payment option 1 Flight ticket purchases

Payment option 2 JALPAK tour purchases

  • *Excluding International JAL Dynamic Package products
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