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Terminal Map


Passengers arriving by a flight from South East Asia and so on should submit the questionnaire on health.


On embarkation, fill out an Entry Card with required matters and show your passport. ( Passengers with Japanese passports are no longer requested to fill out and submit their disembarkation cards.)

Baggage Claim

Go to the 1st floor and on the notice board, check the number of the turntable where the baggage of your flight comes out, and then receive your baggage.


If you have nothing to declare, proceed to the green inspection counter. Show your passport and undergo a check by an inspector. You may be questioned about your destination, purposes and so on. If you have anything exceeding the extent of tax exemption, proceed to the inspection counter with a red lamp on and submit a completed custom declaration form.

*Movement between the terminals

It is approximately 100m between the new domestic terminal and the international terminal.



Information about Jetstar Japan codeshare flight
Check-in for Jetstar Japan (GK) codeshare flight is available at GK check-in counter from 2hours before the departure and closed at 30 minutes before departure.


Undergo an X-ray inspection of the Check-in baggage, and check in by showing your airline ticket and passport at a JAL counter dedicated to your class on the south side of the departure floor on the 3rd floor of the main building.

Security check

There is an X-ray inspection of your carry-on baggage and a body-check.


Present your completed embarkation/entry card, passport and boarding pass. (Passengers with Japanese passports are no longer requested to fill out and submit their embarkation/disembarkation cards.)

[ 3rd Floor ]

Terminal Map 3rd Floor

[ 2nd Floor ]

Terminal Map 2nd Floor

[ 1st Floor ]

Terminal Map 1st Floor
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