JAL Aircraft collection Airbus EMBRAER170(E70)


Our fleet is currently being repainted with the crane motif.
The aircraft livery may differ from the above photo depending on the route and aircraft.

Embraer170 is made by Embraer, the largest aircraft manufacturer in the world after Boeing and Airbus. The design of the aircraft body, so called ''double bubble'' is the different from the rest.
Since the internal diameter is wide enough, the range between the seats, passageway width, height of ceiling and legroom i s very comfortable for passengers.

Length 29.9m
Wingspan 26.0m
Height 9.9m
Engine thrust 5,900kgx2
Standard seating capacity 76
Cruising speed 800km/h
Maximum take-off weight 34.5t
Range 2,600km


Economy Class Economy Class

Domestic Flights

  • *The aircraft currently used by the Domestic flight.
  • *Operating aircraft and seating configurations are subject to change without prior notice.
Economy Class
Row 1-19Row
Seat 76

Emergency Exit 1Row Front
19Row Rear
L:Lavatory(*:Lavatory for wheelchair passengers +:Lavatory with Diaper Shelf) 1Row Front(L+)
19Row Rear(L+*)
Emergency Exit row seat No Reclining 19ACHK
No Window 10AK Baby Bassinet

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