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  • New reservation of China Eastern Airlines Award tickets through JAL Website will be temporarily suspended due to system upgrades from July 21, 2021 14:00 p.m. (Japan time) until further notice.
    Please contact JAL Call center during the period with your passport information or Chinese Citizen Identification Number ready for your reservation.

  • Alaska Airlines joining oneworld effective March 31, 2021.

    在新視窗中開啟JMB handling following to Alaska Airline's joining oneworld

  • Some services are temporarily unavailable at the moment on the JAL website. Please see the following page for the details.

    在新視窗中開啟Currently unavailable services

  • Effective from September 1, 2021, new bookings for First Award Tickets with Emirates (EK) will not be accepted. First Class Award tickets that have been already booked and miles have been deducted and ticketed by August 31, 2021 could continue to be used for travel on Emirates on/after September 1, 2021.


開始接受酬賓獎勵訂位的時間為航班出發前 360 天 的 10:00 (日本時間) 起。

透過 JAL 網站辦理的訂位 透過電話辦理的訂位
第一航段出發的 48 小時前 (出發城市時間) 第一航段出發的 24 小時前 (出發城市時間)

若上述截止時間並非客服中心或 JAL 辦事處的服務時間,則截止時間為前一個工作日。

  • *視夥伴航空公司而定,可能從出發日期前 360 天起即可接受酬賓獎勵訂位。
  • *必須在行程中的所有航班都開放訂位後,才能申請夥伴航空公司酬賓獎勵。

verra aperta in una nuova finestra搜尋您的訂位開始日期



透過 JAL 網站


請致電以下 JMB 國際線訂位處/JMB 中心,以辦理下列夥伴航空公司的酬賓獎勵機票訂位。

LATAM 航空:LATAM Airlines Equador(XL)和LATAM Airlines Argentina(4M)航班號,LATAM Airlines(LA)和LATAM Airlines Brazil(JJ)的組合


尋找 JMB 國際線酬賓獎勵訂位處/JMB 中心。


進行訂位時,您的 JMB 帳戶必須已有兌換酬賓獎勵所需的哩程總數。若哩程數不足,則無法訂位。

  • 完成酬賓獎勵訂位後,即會扣除哩程,並立即開始進行酬賓獎勵機票核發程序。


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