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User's manual

  • Here's what JAL MaaS can do for you!

    • The night before: Tell you what time you should leave your house to catch your flight the next day
    • The morning of: Give you the latest traffic info between your house and the airport
    • On the plane: Tell you the best way to get to your hotel after you land
    1. Select "Search by flight" and then enter your carrier, flight number, departure date, and airport arrival time.

      Extra: How to look up a flight number

      1. If you have a booking, log in and choose "Manage bookings" from the JAL website top page to view your booked flights.
      2. If you do not yet have a booking, use the JAL website to search for a sector and find the corresponding flight number.
    2. To search for a route to your destination after landing, press the Switch button.

    3. Suggested routes to your destination will be displayed in the search results. Select your desired route.

      • Connecting flights are included in the number of stops.
    4. Route details will be displayed.

    1. Enter your origin and destination. You can search by either departure time, arrival time, or final time.

    2. Suggested routes to your destination will be displayed in the search results. Select your desired route.

    3. Route details will be displayed.

    1. You can choose other kinds of search filters by pressing the "Search options" button on the search page.

    2. "Route options" lets you specify your route preferences. "Best route" will suggest routes that offer a balance of speed, low cost, and few stops to make your travel as smooth as possible. Under "Transport mode options," check the modes of transport you want to use.

  • Real-time route search

    JAL MaaS currently has a search function that uses JR East’s “Real-Time Route Search” capability to find routes in real time. Real-time route search covers all JAL domestic flights; major JR East lines; all Odakyu, Sotetsu and Keio lines; and all Keio Dentetsu and Nishi-Tokyo bus lines. Delays on these networks are factored into search results.

    How to use real-time route search

    Search for a route within ± 15 minutes of the current time and the search results will automatically factor in any delays.

    Cautions regarding use

    Please keep the following in mind when using real-time route search:

    • Real-time route search doesn't guarantee the accuracy of search results.
    • If a train or bus line does not provide real-time data or no data is available at that time, search results will reflect the regular operating schedule for that line.
    • Search results do not account for cancelled trains or some special service trains.
    • In the case of major service disruptions, real-time route search may be suspended because search results no longer reflect the most up-to-date information.
    • Current time Set the search time to the current time.
    • Reload Search the displayed results again using the current time.
    • 10:05 DepartsThe scheduled time listed in the timetable. Does not reflect delays.
    • 10:00If real-time data is available, green text indicates there are no delays.
    • 10:00If real-time data is available, red text indicates there are delays.
    • CheapDenotes the route with the lowest fare among the search results.
    • EasyDenotes the route with the fewest stops among the search results.
    • FastDenotes the route with the shortest travel time among the search results.
    • MilesDenotes routes in the search results that earn miles.
    • Booking requiredDenotes routes that require booking in advance.
  • We recommend the following system setups when using JAL MaaS.


    • Windows with latest version of Google Chrome or Edge
    • macOS with latest version of Google Chrome or Safari


    • iOS (iPhone, iPod touch)
      OS 11 or higher, standard OS browser; iPad not recommended
    • Android
      OS 5.0 or higher, standard OS browser

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