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Northern Fukui & Reihoku

Explore the charm of Fukui, Japan, through soft adventures. From historic temples to culinary delights, uncover the heart of Fukui's cultural tapestry.
Northern Fukui & Reihoku

Embark on a soft adventure in Fukui, Japan — where tradition meets tranquility, and cultural wonders unfold.

JAL Vacations Fukui Adventure Package

Destination: Hokuriku Area (Fukui)

Highlights: Various points of interest    

Duration: One day

Travel package type: Local optional activities 

Type of experience: Culture, History

English language assistance: Available

Trip type: Small group

Recommended season for this vacation package: Year-round

Fukui, Japan — discover the allure of adventure travel

Fukui, Japan — discover the allure of adventure travel

Dreaming of adventure travel but not ready for extreme challenges? 

Then you need to go on a unique journey of soft adventure travel in the heart of Japan. Unlike advanced adventure travel, soft adventure is more about cultural exploration. Think of it as a blend of cultural discovery and the thrill of exploration. 

Northern Fukui, particularly the captivating Reihoku area, beckons travelers with its unique charm. Reihoku boasts a landscape full of picturesque vistas and cultural treasures. As you explore this enchanting region, untouched nature surrounds you in an area that still adheres to Japanese tradition.

The allure of Reihoku lies in its unspoiled beauty, offering a respite from the bustling city life. Discover ancient temples, intricate crafts made by local artisans, and everything in between. Reihoku promises an authentic experience where you can find real Japanese culture. 

Northern Fukui's fascinating soft adventure activities

Adventure takes on a softer, more culturally immersive form in Northern Fukui. This enchanting region invites you to explore the rich tapestry of Japanese heritage. 

Regardless of your interests, Northern Fukui provides plenty of adventures. Each experience reveals the beauty and charm that defines this captivating corner of Japan.

So, let's set out on a path less traveled, where the joy of soft adventure awaits amidst the wonders of Fukui.

Discover Zen serenity at Eiheiji Temple and Kippoji Temple

Discover Zen serenity at Eiheiji Temple and Kippoji Temple

Nestled in Northern Fukui, Eiheiji Temple is an excellent destination to cultivate some inner peace.

This is one of Japan's most revered Zen Buddhist temples. At Eiheiji you can learn about meditation and self-awareness within lush surroundings. The spiritual retreat allows you to experience the tranquility of Zen practices. You'll also be in a setting that has preserved ancient traditions for centuries. 

Meditation sessions under the guidance of experienced practitioners promise a truly enlightening experience. Let the sacred grounds of Eiheiji Temple be your portal to inner peace and cultural immersion in Fukui.

Address: 5-15 Shihi, Eiheiji-cho, Yoshida District, Fukui 910-1228
Opening hours: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM daily
How to get to Eiheiji Temple:
 From Fukui Station, take the Eihei-ji Liner Bus to Eihei-ji Temple.

Alternatively, step into the rich tapestry of Zen history at Kippoji Temple. This is a sacred site that echoes the footsteps of Zen Master Dogen, the founder of Eiheiji Temple. Dogen stayed here for about a year before the establishment of the Eiheiji Temple. 

Therefore, it offers a unique glimpse into the roots of Zen Buddhism. Kippoji Temple exudes an ancient charm, inviting you to explore its peaceful halls and tranquil gardens. 

As you wander through the temple grounds, you'll sense the spiritual energy that has resonated through centuries. It is the ideal destination if you're a seeker of enlightenment.

Address: 35-13-2 Yoshimine, Eiheiji-cho, Yoshida District, Fukui 910-1304
Opening hours: 9 AM to 5 PM daily
How to get to Kippoji Temple: From Fukui Station, take the Echizen railways and get off at Echizen Takehara Station. However, it is quite far from the station, so a rental car is recommended.

Unveiling prehistoric marvels at the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum

Unveiling prehistoric marvels at the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum

At Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum, the ancient world comes to life in a spectacular display of prehistoric marvels. 

Fukui is known as the Dinosaur Capital of Japan, making a visit to the museum essential. This world-class museum in Fukui takes you on a journey through time to explore the history of these colossal creatures. 

The museum's exhibits include a wealth of fossils. You will also find numerous outstanding dioramas featuring dinosaur life reconstruction models and interactive displays. It provides an immersive experience for dinosaur enthusiasts and curious minds alike. Here, you'll travel back in time and gain an appreciation for the wonders of paleontology. 

The Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum is an exciting historical adventure for all ages.

Address: 51-11 Muroko-chō Terao, Katsuyama, Fukui 911-0023
Opening hours: 9 AM - 5 PM daily. Closed on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.
How to get to The Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum: From Fukui Station, take Echizen Railway Eiheiji Katsuyama Line, bound for Katsuyama. Take the community bus from Katsuyama Station and get off at the museum stop (Kyoryu Hakubutsukan-mae) (15 minutes). 

Go hands-on with traditional handicrafts in Echizen

Go hands-on with traditional handicrafts in Echizen

If you're interested in artisanal products, you'll want to visit the Echizen region of central Fukui. New challenges often involve working across industries, and this region is the perfect place for collaboration. Numerous traditional crafts, including Echizen Paper, Echizen Lacquerware, Echizen Pottery, Echizen Chests, and Echizen Blades, co-exist within a 10-kilometer radius.

While in the area, you can visit Udatsu Paper & Craft Museum, Echizen Lacquerware Hall, or Echizen Pottery Village. Watch as local artisans create delicate pottery, crafting, and more. It's an opportunity to immerse yourself in the cultural tapestry of Fukui. Each creation tells a story which means it's a great place to pick up a gift for a loved one back home.

Udatsu Paper & Craft Museum(Echizen Paper)
Address: 9-21-2 Shinzaike-cho, Echizen City, Fukui 915-0232
Opening hours: 9:30 AM - 5 PM daily, Closed on Tuesday, Year end and New Year

Echizen Lacquerware Hall(Echizen Lacquerware)
Address: 40-1-2 Nishibukuro-cho, Sabae City, Fukui 916-1221
Opening hours: 9 AM - 5 PM daily, Closed on the 4th Tuesday, Year end and New Year

Echizen Pottery Village (Echizen Pottery)
Address: 120-61 Ozowara, Echizen-cho, Nyu-gun, Fukui 916-0273
Opening hours: 9 AM - 5 PM daily, Closed on Monday, Year end and New Year

How to get to the Echizen region: From Fukui station, take train to Takefu Station or Sabae Station. However, most of the traditional craft places are quite some distance from the station, so renting a car or cab is recommended.

The artistry of Japanese knife-making

The artistry of Japanese knife-making

Explore the timeless craft of Japanese knife-making in Fukui by visiting Echizen Blades. Echizen is renowned for its centuries-old blade-crafting traditions. In Takefu Knife Village, skilled artisans craft knives using techniques passed down through generations.

You'll see every step of the process, from selecting high-quality materials to the forging and finishing. Discover the precision, dedication, and cultural significance behind each blade. Seeing the artistry involved in forging exquisite blades is a truly fun experience.

Address: 22-91 Yokawa-chō, Echizen City, Fukui 915-0031
Opening hours: 9 AM - 5 PM daily 
How to get to Takefu Knife Village: Take the Fukutetsu Bus from Takefu Station and get off at Ajimano Jinja-mae Bus Stop, then walk 10 minutes.

A glimpse into Fukui's historic splendor at Maruoka Castle

A glimpse into Fukui's historic splendor at Maruoka Castle

Learn about Fukui's rich history with a visit to Maruoka Castle. This Fukui sightseeing spot is a testament to the region's historic splendor. Maruoka Castle is one of Japan's oldest surviving castles, and one of only 12 remaining original castle towers in Japan. It showcases the architectural brilliance of feudal times.

You can explore the well-preserved structure, complete with stone walls. As you traverse the castle grounds, admire the panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. It is also an excellent place to gain insight into Fukui's cultural heritage. 

Address: 1-59, Maruoka-chō Kasumi-chō, Sakai City, Fukui 910-0231
Opening hours: 8:30 AM - 5 PM daily
How to get to Maruoka Castle: Maruoka Castle is accessible by bus from Fukui and Awara Onsen stations. From Fukui Station, take a Keifuku bus bound for Maruoka Castle (50 minutes). From Awara Onsen Station, take a Keifuku bus bound for Maruoka Castle (20 minutes).

Savor the unique flavors of Fukui at ESHIKOTO

Near the renowned Eihei-ji Temple, you'll find ESHIKOTO - a complex that showcases the food and culture of the Fukui and Hokuriku regions. ESHIKOTO offers a haven for adults seeking relaxation amidst Fukui's scenic landscape. A sake brewery with a history of over 200 years plays a central role in the development of this facility.

ISHIDAYA ESHIKOTO SHOP offers tasting sake and retailing. “acoya” restaurant offers local cuisine. It's a tranquil space to savor exquisite food, breathtaking views, and exceptional drinks.

Address: 12-17 Shimojohoji, Eiheiji-cho, Yoshida-gun, Fukui 910-1202
Opening hours:10 AM - 5 PM daily. Closed on Wednesdays as well as every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Tuesday (irregular holidays). ESHIKOTO is only open to persons 20 years and older.
How to get to Eshikoto: A 25-minute cab ride from JR Fukui Station. Alternatively, a 5-minute taxi ride from Echizen Railway Eiheiji-guchi Station.

A toast to Fukui's terroir with sake

A toast to Fukui's terroir with sake

Raise your glass to Fukui's rich terroir with a taste of the region's renowned sake. This local favorite Fukui alcoholic drink is more than just a beverage. It encapsulates the essence of the land and reflects the dedication of local artisans. The sake from this region is crafted with precision and care, and you can taste that with every sip.

Sample the delightful Abura-age fried tofu

Sample the delightful Abura-age fried tofu

Abura-age fried tofu is a local favorite delicacy in the region. This dish is closely linked with the principles of Zen, with a delightful blend of simple and mindful flavors. The crispy texture and rich taste of Abura-age fried tofu has a crispy texture and rich taste. Order it to savor Fukui's gastronomic traditions and relish the nuances of local cuisine.

How to get to Fukui and Reihoku

How to get to Fukui and Reihoku

Getting to Fukui and the enchanting Reihoku area is a seamless journey if you arrive in Tokyo or Osaka. Travelers arriving in Tokyo can reach Fukui by taking a one-hour flight to Komatsu Airport, followed by a direct bus ride. 

For those arriving in Osaka, a simple train journey will take you to Fukui. The well-connected transportation network ensures easy access to Fukui, particularly Northern Fukui. Opt for the JAL Japan Explorer Pass for added convenience while traveling around Japan.

Happy Bus for comfortable tours of Fukui's famous sights

The Happy Bus is a regular sightseeing bus that allows visitors to Fukui to tour smoothly around all the main tourist attractions. Visitors can comfortably tour all the most popular sightseeing spots that are scattered in and around the city. 

The Happy Bus departs from JR Fukui Station and operates on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays in Japan starting from March 16, 2024.

Why book the JAL Vacation Package?

Opting for the JAL vacation package provides a seamless and stress-free booking experience. With JAL Vacation, simplicity is key, ensuring an easy process for travelers. One of the notable advantages is the convenience of purchasing JAL international and domestic tickets alongside hotel accommodations and adventure travel activities. This integrated approach streamlines the planning process.

The efficiency and convenience of booking with JAL Vacations is priceless. It enables you to focus on the excitement of your upcoming adventure, knowing that the essential elements of your trip are all taken care of.

FAQs about adventure travel in Fukui

FAQs about adventure travel in Fukui

What is Fukui Japan known for?

Fukui, Japan, is known for its rich cultural heritage, historic castles, and exquisite traditional crafts, offering a serene destination for soft adventures.

What does Fukui mean in Japanese?

In Japanese, "Fukui" (福井) can be translated as "fortunate well," reflecting the region's historical significance and the abundance of natural resources. It was named by the feudal lord of the time in 1624 A.D. as "the place where the god of fortune resides.

Is Fukui in Kyoto?

No, Fukui is a separate prefecture in Japan located adjacent to Kyoto. Both regions offer distinct cultural experiences for travelers to explore.

Book your Fukui Prefecture adventure

With JAL Vacations, you can design your trip package of activities, flights, and accommodations to suit your needs. Book the JAL Vacations Fukui Adventure Packages and enjoy a soft adventure travel journey through the delightful Reihoku Region.

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