Why Japan Airlines Has the World's Best Economy Class

Across outstanding comfort, cuisine, and inflight entertainment, discover why Japan Airlines has now been awarded the World's Best Economy Class.
Why Japan Airlines Has the World's Best Economy Class

Flying in economy class doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience. In fact, Japan Airlines has been recognized as the World’s Best Economy Class three times by the Skytrax World Airline Awards. Featuring a stellar cabin experience from top to bottom, travelers will quickly discover why millions of customers picked Japan Airlines' economy class as the best option on the market.

Whether you’re flying domestic or catching an international long-haul flight, you want to have the most satisfying experience possible. Japan Airlines offers wider legroom than our competitors, alongside superior cuisine, inflight entertainment, and amenities. In addition to a straightforward booking process and an exceptional ground experience, flying economy class with Japan Airlines is the best decision for your travels.

Ready to take to the skies with a superior airline? Here, we cover what makes JAL’s economy and premium economy classes the standout choice for those seeking the most worry-free and relaxing experience.

What makes the Japan Airlines Economy Class the best?

Traveling in JAL’s economy class is a pleasant experience because every aspect of the cabin experience has been carefully considered and refined. From our award-winning seats to our collaboratively-designed menus, our economy class inflight experience is bound to impress even the most discerning travelers.



Recognized as having the Best Economy Class Airline Seat at the Skytrax Awards, Japan Airlines is proud to provide every customer with the most comfortable economy class experience available.

With our JAL Sky Wider seats featuring increased pitch and a slimmed seatback, travelers will discover significantly more legroom than other economy classes. Yet, it’s not just more legroom that makes your journey a peaceful one. The space between the armrests ranges from 45cm to 48cm, providing greater room for guests to spread out than the industry average.

Travelers with JAL will also find several highly functional amenities to maximize their leisure, including a water bottle holder, convenient accessories pouch, and AC power outlets for all seats on Boeing 787-9/787-8 aircraft.

Chef-curated meals and special dietary requests

Chef-curated meals and special dietary requests

Every traveler can look forward to their inflight meal, as Japan Airlines goes above and beyond the competition with our collaboratively-designed dishes from leading Japanese restaurants and brands. Having partnered with RED U-35 – Japan's largest culinary competition for young chefs – six of the very best finalists have produced tantalizing menus based on Japan’s iconic food culture and our goals to reduce environmental impact.

special meals

Japan Airlines has also partnered with Tanita Cafe, a popular concept eatery focused on mental wellbeing, to serve customers the Sky Wellness Kitchen menu. With dishes like the nutrient-rich Teriyaki Chicken Hamburg Bowl designed to please the mind, body, and soul, meals are also accompanied by a leaflet explaining helpful stretching exercises, so you can arrive fresher at your destination.

Travelers flying from Tokyo (Haneda, Narita) to Honolulu and Kona will also be treated to a special menu supervised by NAMAE Shinobu, head chef of L’Effervescence. With Chef NAMAE's celebrated French restaurant recognized with three stars in the 2022 Michelin Guide, the Beef Ribs & Chestnut Lasagna showcases inflight dining at its absolute best.

Japan Airlines offers an extensive array of special meals for health or religious dietary reasons. In addition, parents of infants and small children can also enjoy special meals provided for them, so make sure to request a meal of your choice during the booking process. Better yet, for those on long-haul flights from and to Europe and North America (excluding the Hawaii route), you can satisfy your little appetite with a self-service snack corner anytime.

If you’d like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage onboard, why not try an original Cuvée created by Japan Airlines in collaboration with leading French wine specialist Paul Sapin. Known as Double ‘O’, bespoke red and white variants will help you sit back and relax. Alongside a sophisticated selection of beers, wines, and spirits from Japan and abroad, finding something to suit your tastes onboard is simple.

In addition, travelers can sip down an extensive list of hot and cold non-alcoholic beverages, including juices, soft drinks, and tea and coffee.

Inflight entertainment

In-flight entertainment

Inflight entertainment is another area where Japan Airlines provides superior service. With every JAL Sky Wider seat complete with 10.6-inch touch-panel monitors, the MAGIC inflight entertainment system features the latest blockbuster movies, videos, television series, music, ebooks, and games.

Once you’ve spent a couple of hours enjoying an acclaimed Hollywood or Japanese film, dive into a travel documentary to discover some inspiration for your journey. You can even let an English-speaking presenter guide you through engaging audio genres, ranging from the latest pop music to classics.

If you’d prefer to catch up on work, it’s easy to stay connected with onboard internet for international flights. Simply log in to our convenient Wi-Fi using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to browse the web, check your emails, and more.

Japan Airlines Premium Economy vs. Economy Class: What are the differences?

Japan Airlines Premium Economy vs. Economy Class: What are the differences?

JAL’s economy class is already recognized as the world’s best. However, upgrading your ticket to premium economy ensures you travel in even more luxury. This starts with your JAL Sky Premium seat, which places a greater emphasis on functionality and privacy. As the seats in front of you do not physically recline, travelers in premium economy will enjoy 10cm more space than guests in regular economy.

Your seat is also equipped with a three-step adjustable footrest and a center divider for increased privacy, while a larger fold-out table and 12.1-inch touch-panel monitor enhance your work and leisure space. On top of the delicious meals served in economy class, guests in our premium economy can also snack on JAL’s Udon De Sky cup noodles for when you want a light bite to eat. The inflight beverage menu has also expanded, with the inclusion of Champagne Vollereaux Brut Reserve N.V. alongside the renowned Japanese Shochu, Tomo No Hozan.

The inflight entertainment system is also upgraded in premium economy, with the added benefit of Sony noise-canceling headphones. With this comfortable, high-end audio equipment reducing aircraft noise, focusing on your movie and getting some rest is made just a little bit easier. Along with the eye masks, earplugs, a toothbrush set, and medical care provided in economy class, amenities for guests in premium economy also include a moisture mask, a toothbrush set, and slippers to increase rest and recuperation.

Sakura Lounge

Finally, premium economy ticket holders can make the most of our exceptional Sakura Lounges*. With these elegantly designed spaces embodying the unique qualities of Japanese hospitality, travelers will find outstanding cuisine and relaxation opportunities. In Japan, Sakura Lounges are situated in Tokyo (Haneda), Tokyo (Narita), Osaka (Kansai), and Nagoya (Chubu) airports, while international guests can unwind in destinations such as Honolulu, San Francisco, Frankfurt, and Bangkok.

*Except for upgrading to Premium Economy Class at the airport. Codeshare flight operated by partner carrier are not eligible for lounge use.

JAL Bid Upgrade for JAL International Flights

If you’ve purchased an economy or premium economy class ticket and wish to upgrade your flight, JAL Bid Upgrade is how you can secure a great deal. Available to passengers who have reserved and purchased tickets through the JAL website, eligible customers will be sent an email seven days before the departure of their flight.

If you wish to take part in this seat upgrade bidding process, simply enter your offer and wait to be notified. Whether you choose to go from economy to premium economy, economy to business class, or premium economy to business class, you will be notified of your bid result via email at least 24 hours before the departure of your flight.

If your bid is unsuccessful, the bid amount will not be charged and you can board your existing ticket class. This popular service provides a great way to experience an upgraded class for a lower cost, so try JAL Bid Upgrade when you next fly with JAL.

Fly in the world's best economy airline seat

Fly in the world's best economy airline seat

If you’re traveling for work or leisure soon, make sure you choose JAL. As confirmed by the Skytrax World Airline Awards – the world’s largest airline passenger satisfaction survey, featuring 13.4 million voters from over 100 countries – Japan Airlines has the World's Best Economy Class with the Best Economy Class Airline Seat.

As we’ve carefully reviewed the finest details of our cabin to provide guests with the best possible flight, everything from the entertainment system to the cuisine has been thoughtfully prepared for your trip. Flying economy class doesn't have to be a pain. Travel with Japan Airlines to discover just how hassle-free your journey can be.

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