《 Details of Services 》

e JAL Points

◆e JAL Points

e JAL Points are electronic points which can be used to purchase domestic and international tickets and tours on the JAL website.
For further information, please click here.

* The e JAL Points will be credited to your account around late March 2021.

* Members in regions other than Japan can now also select e JAL Points.
Please note that terms and conditions apply when using e JAL Points.
e JAL Points handling details and precautions

Partner Status

◆Partner Status

Your partner will be offered the same services as those available to you.

Available services

Mile-Up Bonus, use of Special Reservation Desk (Japan Region members only), priority waitlist and priority standby at the airport, use of special check-in counter, Priority Baggage Service, extra checked baggage allowance (Domestic flights: up to 20 kg, International flights: one extra piece (up to 32 kg per one piece)), Priority Boarding (for international or domestic flights), lounge access, access to the DIAMOND PREMIER Lounge and First Class Lounge, suspension of mileage expiration (during membership period), use of Special Security Gate, JMB DIAMOND Award Tickets (Diamond members only) and use of oneworld Emerald service.

Condition of use

To be eligible for JGC Premier Partner Status, your partner must be registered as a JGC member by January 31, 2021.

*At the time of application, please provide your partner's JMB membership number and name.

*Please note that if there are any inaccuracies or omissions in the partner information that you provided, you will instead receive e JAL Points if you are registered in the Japan Region or JAL Coupons if you are registered in a region other than Japan.

* A "partner" can be a spouse, domestic partner, or a family member registered with the JALCARD Family Program or JAL Family Club. Please note that you may be requested to submit proof that you share the same residential address or proof of relationship if you and your selected partner have different last names. If you do not submit such proof, your partner cannot be registered for Partner Status.

*From 2021, status cards will be issued only at the request of the member. Partners who wish to be issued a status card are asked to submit a request via the JAL website from April 1. Please note that you and your partner can also display your respective membership statuses on the JAL app to receive the associated services.

Requesting the issuance of a FLY ON or JGC status card

◆Flower Gift Service

A bouquet of flowers will be delivered to the person you select on a designated day.

How to request this service
Via the JAL website.

Condition of use
There are certain days when flowers cannot be delivered. For further details, please refer to JAL website.
(The member must make the request.)
Applications will be accepted from April 1, 2021 through March 24, 2022 via the JAL website.

* Applications for the Flower Gift Service will be accepted from April 1, 2021 through March 24, 2022 via the JAL website. Members in regions other than Japan can also request this service if the flower gift will be delivered to an address in Japan.
* Partner Status services will be offered to your partner from April 1, 2021 through March 31, 2022.



Gift details (You will be transferred to Ringbell's official website.)

You can get points that can be exchanged for inn accommodation, meal tickets, gift tickets, home appliances , etc. listed on the Ringbell Smart Gift website.

Condition of use
If this service is selected, your gift card will be sent by e-mail around late March 2021.
The gifts must be exchanged within six months after the date the gift card is sent by e-mail.
The gifts exchanged with the points cannot be shipped to regions outside Japan with some exceptions.
*The member must make this request.

JAL Coupons

◆JAL Coupons (¥2,000 per coupon)

These JAL Coupons can be used to purchase JAL air tickets, tour packages, room nights in Hotel Nikko & JAL City and JAL Onsen Mile Partners, and in-flight sales items.

Applicable products
JAL international*1 & domestic airtickets, international & domestic tour packages, room nights/food and beverage at Hotel Nikko & JAL City, JAL Onsen Mile Partners, in-flight regular and duty free items, and JAL logo products and travel products.
*1 Ticket Service Fee will apply to international tickets. Learn more here.
Condition of use
For further details on conditions of use, please click here.

*Coupons will arrive to you around March 2021.

Gift Selection

◆Gift Selection Service

Gift details (You will be transferred to official website of Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores.)

Please select one gift from the gift list. A member can give the gift to a family member or friend.

Condition of use
Online request only. Certain gifts may not be forwarded to countries outside Japan.
(The member must make this request.)

*Applications for the gifts will accepted from 10:00 of March 1 through 23:59 of June 30, 2021 (Japan time).

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