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Is there any restrictions on shipping lithium ion batteries by air?
Strict restrictions apply for the transportation of lithium ion batteries and lithium metal batteries by air.
Please refer to the latest IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) to comply with proper shipping requirements.
You can also find more information about our policy for dangerous goods acceptance from here ;
Transportation of Dangerous Goods
Can I check in my pet as baggage?

Please visit JAL passenger website for reservation and inquiries.
Transportation of Pets/Live Animals

Can I transport dangerous goods?

In air transport, items that may harm human health and may affect flight safety are defined as "dangerous goods" under Civil Aviation Law and other applicable regulations.
Some items might not be clasiffied as dangerous goods if they travel by ground, but can be regulated when it is shippmed by air.
Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Most of dangerous goods can be transported as air cargo, as long as packaging and documentation requirements are complied - with the exception of certain items that are prohibited under any conditions.

  • to properly pack, label and mark the item as required and,
  • to prepare "shipper's declaration" with complete description of dangerous goods.

For detail, please refer to the latest version of IATA Dangerous Goods Regulation (DGR), or contact your freight forwarder.
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How do I file a cargo claim?
Please contact either our origin or destination offices for filing procedures.
Sales and Airport Offices
How do I check the connecting flight of my shipment in transit?
Please contact our origin destination offices.
Sales and Airport Offices
How can I arrange a shipment on JAL Cargo?
If you are a shipper, please contact freight forwarders or agents nearest to you - freight forwarder provides pick-up, delivery service to/from the airport and arranges customs clearance.
If you are a freight forwarder, please contact your nearest JAL Cargo sales office for inquiries.
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Can I transport my pet as cargo?
If you are a shipper(owner), please contact nearest freight forwarder for the preparation.
Each country has different regulation and procedure for international pet transport.
To ensure safe and smooth travel, we recommend you to contact the embassy and the qurantine office of destination/transit countries in order to find applicable regulations and necessary documentations in advance.
Can I ask further questions?
Please contact mail address below.
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