determinedly, faithfully and creatively

To be the best partner for the customers who challenge themselves to success around the world.
JALCARGO is committed to pursuing new possibilities of air transportation
while providing professional services to meet your global shipping needs.

We always envision each and every customer's story behind the cargo that we carry.
"To serve fresh Japanese fish to dinner tables around the world,"
"To deliver our new products as quickly as possible,"
"To contribute to medical advances with our new drugs."
Carrying customers' dreams and passion to the destinations - that's what we are here for.

Delivering Reliability

JALCARGO employees take great pride in playing important role of supply chain, and provide reliable customer service.
For any kinds of shipping needs, we strive for making sure the shipment arrives safely and timely to the destination.

Delivering Peace of Mind

Leave it to us, as we understand the importance of strict temperature control for quality and safety of shipments.

  • -Medical products requiring strict 2-8C temperature control
  • -Chemicals need to avoid exposure to below 15C temperature

Our specialized product can ensure the integrity of your valuable shipments.

  • -Fine Artwork
  • -Precision equipment sensitive to vibration such as semiconductor parts

You will find suitable logistics solution throughout our network -
even for challenging transportation requirements.

Delivering Your Dream and Passion with Cargo

When you board the flight, outside the window you will see our ground staffs loading checked baggage AND cargo -
From perishable foods, medical shipments to live animals, in fact, JALCARGO is carrying your dreams and passion along with cargo.

Want to bring your vintage car on the plane
and enjoy a ride at the destination?
We will be your partner to help such dreams come true.

Why choose JALCARGO

The entire JAL staff is fully committed to the quality and safety of your shipments,
as well as pursuing new possibility of air transportation in order to stay one step ahead of changes.