JAL Frankfurt’s ESG initiatives

The JAL Group has an ESG strategy aimed at meeting social challenges and promoting sustainable solutions for people, commerce and logistics. As part of these efforts, we are currently piloting our project opens in new window“Any Wear, Anywhere,” a clothing rental service for travelers to Japan.
With great commitment, our Japan Airlines branch in Frankfurt is implementing its own measures to realize our vision and drive for sustainable change.

Safe and barrier-free travel for everyone

Japan Airlines dedicated staff at Frankfurt airport provide special care for passengers who require medical assistance to ensure the utmost comfort when travelling.

We collaborate closely with an organization which handles all aspects of medical transport as well as the medical services of Fraport AG to provide a service tailored to each customer's individual situation.

Healthy Cargo - Healthy People

At Japan Airlines Cargo in Frankfurt, we specialize in the transportation of pharmaceutical shipments.  Various medical and pharmaceutical products (for the treatment of cancer, diabetes, etc.) are punctually transported to Japan and beyond. The mostly liquid medications require strict quality and temperature control measures in order not to endanger the treatment of the waiting patient. Our team in Frankfurt guarantees a reliable service in this regard and has been able to increase the volume of these special shipments by almost 700% since 2019. This is our contribution to a healthier society.