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JAL Business on WEB Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Users (hereinafter referred to as "User(s)") of the service (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") operated by Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (including all affiliated companies and hereinafter referred to as the "Company") and offered through JAL Business on WEB (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") are assumed, in use of Service, to have read through, sufficiently understood and agreed to the contents of the Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") and agreed to the contents of the Terms.
Company does not allow use of Service to Users who do not agree to Terms. The Terms shall be applicable from 12/01/2018 (Saturday).

Users who make use of Service do so with full understanding and assuming full responsibility for said use. This includes responsibility for any issues or damages caused to hardware or software arising through use of Site, and for any access-related issues caused by problems in the communications environment or equipment. Furthermore, in the event of any damages being caused to third party arising from use of Site, User shall assume full responsibility and compensate for damages at their own expense, or resolve the dispute with third party without causing any inconvenience to Company.
2.Equipment and Costs during Use
Company assumes no responsibility for ensuring that User has the appropriate means to access Site.
Although use of Service is free, User shall be responsible any costs arising through use of or access to Site, any costs arising through receiving emails from Company, or any costs arising through access to Site or other hyperlinks.
In the event of damages or defects caused to equipment, etc., The Company shall assume no responsibility for compensation for damages, except where damages can be directly attributed to The Company.
3.Changes to the Terms
Company may amend the Terms without the consent of Users. Unless otherwise specified by Company, the amended Terms will take effect from the point they are displayed on this page.
4.Conditions of Use
  1. 1.Users must appoint their officer/employee as the dedicated point of contact for "JAL Business on WEB" (hereinafter referred to as "Point of Contact"). Upon this appointment, Point of Contact shall correctly understand the contents of the program and the Terms, and, as a representative of their company, ensure compliance with the Terms. They shall also assume responsibility for notifying company in a timely fashion of any changes to the registered company information.
  2. 2.It is necessary to register certain data of the corporation in order to participate in "JAL Business on WEB."
    JAL shall provide a dedicated ID for "JAL Business on WEB" via email. As this point, the process for participation in the program shall be completed.
  3. 3.Applications shall, in principle, be one account for each corporation. Company shall assign a unique ID to the registered corporation (or office or department).
  4. 4.Participation fee of "JAL Business on WEB" is free-of-charge.
  5. 5.Company may send its information to the registered email address.
It is the responsibility of each user to manage their company ID, customer number, and password required for use of Service, as well as their JAL Mileage Bank membership number (hereinafter referred to as "Customer Number(s)) and password. In addition, the rights of User shall not be assigned, licensed or mortgaged to third party.
Company is entitled to change any or all of the contents of "JAL Business on WEB," including the Terms, without prior notice to Users.
Company may terminate "JAL Business on WEB" upon e-mail notice to Users six months prior to termination date.
8.Deleting Registrations
  1. 1.Users may withdraw at any time by logging in and clicking the "Withdraw" option on the menu.
  2. 2.Company may delete the registration of Users if no record can be found of the Users using "JAL Business on WEB" for a year.
  3. 3.3. Company may immediately delete the account (including any access to any awards or benefits on said account) of any Users who have been deemed to have violated any of the following without giving prior notice. In addition, the Users shall be responsible for compensation in the event of damage having been incurred as a result of these violations.
    1. (1)Users must not fall under any of the following definitions of being an antisocial force, neither currently nor in the future
      1. 1.Organized crime group
      2. 2.Organized crime group member
      3. 3.Associate member of an organized crime group
      4. 4.Company affiliated with an organized crime group
      5. 5.Political racketeering organization such as those engaging in extortionist activities
      6. 6.Other definitions equivalent to the preceding items
    2. (2)Users shall not, neither currently nor in future, have a relationship or affiliation with any of the antisocial forces detailed in (1), nor with those who have a close relationship or affiliation with such antisocial forces (hereinafter referred to as "Antisocial Forces etc."), nor shall any of the following items be applicable to them
      1. 1.They have a relationship in which its operations are controlled by Antisocial Forces, etc.
      2. 2.They have a relationship in which Antisocial Forces, etc., are substantially involved in its operations.
      3. 3.They have a relationship in which funds, benefits and other such privileges are provided to Antisocial Forces, etc.
      4. 4.They have any other socially condemned relationships with Antisocial Forces, etc.
    3. (3)Users shall not, whether themselves or through a third party, engage in any of the following actions
      1. 1.Demands through the use of violent means
      2. 2.Unreasonable requests that exceed legal responsibility
      3. 3.Use of threatening words or deeds or acts involving the use of violence in regards to a transaction
      4. 4.Spread rumors or use deception or power to damage confidence in the other party or to hinder their ability to carry out their business
      5. 5.Unauthorized use
      6. 6.Other acts equivalent to the preceding items
9.Mail Delivery
Company may send emails to the email address entered during use of Service detailing such information as updates pertaining to Service.
Contact made from User to Company shall only be allowed using the specified means in the specified contact points for Service. Contact by any other means is not permitted.
11.Copyrights and Rights of Trademarks etc.
Company owns the copyrights to all content found on Site (including text, video, images, and audio) as well as any other intellectual property rights.
Actions such as the diversion and/or duplication of this content, whether wholly or in part and whether modified or unmodified, is expressly forbidden where it exceeds the scope explicitly expressed by law or for personal use unless authorization is granted in advance by Company.
The rights pertaining to all trademarks listed on Site (service marks and trademarks) belong to Company or the rights holder who granted Company use of said trademark or service mark. The use of trademarks listed on Site is expressly forbidden without prior approval from Company or licensor (in cases where Company has been granted license for use of the trademark).
12.Changes, Suspensions and Terminations of Service Contents
Company may, without prior notice, suspend operations, temporarily suspend or make changes to Service, or otherwise suspend the provision of information through Service for reasons including, but not limited to, maintenance or damage to the server system, damage caused by fire, power-outages or earthquakes, or because of other natural disasters.
13.Handling of Personal Information

Company, in its operating of "JAL Business on WEB," acknowledges the importance of personal information submitted by Users, and will make every effort to ensure said personal information is handled with the utmost care. When the handling of personal data, whether wholly or in part, is outsourced, Company shall perform appropriate levels of supervision to ensure the safety and management of said personal data.

The handling of personal information on Service shall comply with the terms specified separately in the "Privacy Policy".

When engaging in joint business ventures with other airline companies with ATI (antitrust immunity) approval for the relevant country, Company may, under its own responsibility, disclose any necessary confidential information to the corresponding airline company. In this case, confidential information is limited to sales conditions and sales results data for the areas applicable to ATI, and does not include any personal information.

14.Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction
The use of Site and the interpretation and application of Terms shall be, unless otherwise specified, governed by the laws of Japan. In addition, the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive primary jurisdiction regarding any disputes relating to use of Site.
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