This Service Program is for Companies JAL Business on WEB

What is JAL Business on WEB?

Companies can take advantage of this service program on JAL website.
Applying for this service is free and you will be eligible to purchase tickets with discounts*.
*Some restrictions may apply.

How to Use


Apply for the service


Approval process


Receive the result by email


Purchase with Company ID and Customer Number

Terms of Use

This program is for companies with registered addresses outside Japan. For reservations please use JAL Business on WEB.
This service is only available for registered companies, please apply if you wish to use the company discount program.


For customers who have already registered, please access JAL Business on WEB page and make a reservation from the "Find Flights and Book"
If you make a reservation outside JAL Business on WEB, this discount program will not apply.
*Depending on flights, fares, boarding periods, the discount might not be available.

Company ID and Customer Number

Company ID and Customer Number are dedicated to your registered company. Only employees of participating companies can take advantage of this service.
Users who use this service are required to comply with the Terms & Conditions.

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