Delays, cancellations and diversions

On occasion it is necessary to delay, cancel or divert flights due to various conditions,
such as congestion at the airport or poor weather conditions. In these instances, we are
committed to provide all customers, whether at the airport or on board the aircraft, the
best available information as quickly as possible. With respect to known flight status
changes (delays in excess of thirty (30) minutes or more, cancellations and diversions)
of the scheduled date of flight, JAL will, within thirty (30) minutes of becoming aware of
such change, advise customers via our website, in the boarding gate area for flights at
CHN airports and on CHN airport display systems (if available) and upon inquiry to our
reservations center.

When major delays or cancellations occur and JAL is unable to provide transportation
to the final destination on the expected arrival date due to events within our
responsibility, JAL will provide accommodation subject to availability.
Regardless of the circumstances we are dedicated to minimize your inconvenience and
burden as much as possible.

If a flight is delayed or cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, such as
severe weather, JAL will offer customers assistance in arranging services, however
incidental expenses will not be provided. In case of lengthy onboard ground delays
without access to an airport terminal, we will make sure that all customers are provided
restroom facilities, conditions safely permitting. Also, we provide food and water to all
customers after two hours departure from the gate, conditions safely permitting.