Ground Delay Contingency Plan

At Japan Airlines, it is recognized that a true test for service delivery is exceeding
customer expectations during operational irregularities. Unfortunately, unforeseen
events can and do occur. Please be assured that procedures are in place to meet these
challenges to the best of our abilities in order to minimize your inconvenience.
- According to Condition of Carriage, we ensure there are adequate resources to
execute the plan .

- We commit to provide timely information regarding the status of any delay, updates within 30 minutes of receiving confirmation, including the cause of the delay.

- In the event of a tarmac delay, passengers will be informed every thirty (30) minutes
the reason(s), estimated delay period, and other dynamic flight information.

- When a flight encounters a lengthy delay on the tarmac:
> Passengers will be provided with operable lavatory facilities.
> If needed, our staff will supply urgent medical assistance at any time.
> Two (2) hours (*) after flight departure from the gate, customers will be offered snacks and potable water.
Note: (*) Unless the Pilot in Command determines that safety/security considerations preclude such service.

- The plan has been coordinated with the appropriate airport authorities.
- Please keep in mind that for code share services, contingency plans of the operating carrier will apply.