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You can only enroll to JMB as a member of the region of the country in which you currently reside.
For security reasons, awards and JMB correspondences will be sent to your registered JMB address only. Please register your current address. You cannot register a travel agent's address.

  • * JMB is not available in some countries. Please see the following for JMB participating countries.
<Membership Jurisdiction and Eligible Countries>
  • * Regional variations exist.
Japan Region Those living in Japan
American Region Those living in North America and Hawaii, Central America, South America
Europe/Middle East/
Africa Region
Those living in Europe, Middle East (West of Iran), Africa
Asia/Oceania Region Those living in Asia Oceania, Myanmar, New Zealand, Palau, Philippines, Saipan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
Where to contact when you move
  For JMB/JALFC Members For JALCARD Members
Within JMB Region Visit JAL's Web site or contact the JMB Center. Contact JALCARD, Inc.
Between JMB Regions Contact JMB center / desk in the region after you move. When moving from Japan to another JMB region or from another JMB region to Japan:
Advise JALCARD of your new address.
When moving between regions outside Japan:
Contact JALCARD, Inc. after your move.
  • * The same JMB membership number can be used after your move.
For reporting lost or stolen cards
When you lose your
Contact the JMB Center of your membership registration.
We will re-issue your card.
Handling and management of personal information

JAL recognizes the importance of Members' personal information submitted by them in JMB management, treats it with utmost care, and keeps it under a rigid computerized security system. This personal information is used in JAL Group companies for the purposes such as mileage accumulation, management of award use, offering air transportation service and tour, hotel service closely related to air travel, delivery of JAL related sales promotional material, questionnaires of JAL Group companies and partner companies, development of products and other business activities relating to the above. Members' requests for inquiries, changes, or deletions about their own personal information that is registered shall be dealt with in a reasonably prompt manner if members themselves contact the relevant JMB office.
If you have any opinions about handling of personal information, JAL will also respond to them at each JMB office.
JAL shall not transfer personal information to third parties except

  • 1) When there is prior consent by the member
  • 2) As stipulated in JMB Rules and Conditions that will be sent to you after enrollment
  • 3) When requested in accordance with laws or government regulations.

Please refer to the Articles 42, 43, 44, 45, 46 in JMB Rules and Conditions.
For inquiries about personal information, please contact the JMB Center in your region.

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