Japan Airlines (www.ar.jal.co.jp) Online Booking Terms

1.These Online Booking Terms apply to all booking related pages and functions of www.ar.jal.co.jp. They may be amended at any time without notice, and the current version will apply to your booking. It is your responsibility to check for changes each time you book with us.
2.The credit card used to pay for the ticket(s) must be physically presented by the cardholder at check-in. The cardholder also must be a passenger named in the ticket(s). Japan Airlines reserves the right to deny boarding and cancel the ticket(s) and contract of carriage, or to collect a substitute payment (in cash or from a new credit card) should the passenger(s) named in the ticket(s) fail to present the credit card originally used for the booking of the ticket(s) when so requested at check-in. In the event that the contract is cancelled or substitute payment is received as aforesaid, the fares (or an equivalent amount) of the ticket(s), if already debited to the credit card in question, will be refunded and credited to the same credit card used in the original purchase. Japan Airlines shall not be held liable whatsoever to the named passenger, the credit cardholder in question and/or any third party in connection with or arising from the cancellation of the ticket(s) and the contract as aforesaid. Japan Airlines may, at any time terminate or restrict your access to the online booking function of www.ar.jal.co.jp, or refuse to give effect to any reservations requested without advance notice.
3.By completing a booking through www.ar.jal.co.jp, you agree to be bound by the same Conditions of Carriage and applicable fare rules between Japan Airlines and its passengers, as if the booking has been made through other conventional channels. Your attention is drawn to these conditions.
4.Japan Airlines disclaims any liabilities for the reproduction or indirect access via a third party website, whose reproduction misstates or omits any of the information or limitations of fares offered through www.ar.jal.co.jp.

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