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Relax in Yuda Onsen’s Abundant Therapeutic Natural Hot Springs

Get to know Yuda Onsen - Yamaguchi Prefecture’s premier hot spring destination - and its Japanese cultural experiences. Book your journey with JAL today.
Relax in Yuda Onsen’s Abundant Therapeutic Natural Hot Springs

Discover soothing hot springs and cultural experiences that showcase Japan’s fascinating traditions.

Set in Yamaguchi City, Yuda Onsen is a sprawling hot spring district featuring abundant relaxation experiences. With the oldest references to the area and its soothing waters found in ancient documents dating from 1200, the second year of the Shoji era, this historic setting has impressed countless travelers for generations.

Although it’s unknown how the spring was first discovered, a local legend provides a curious explanation. It’s said that a wounded white fox was cured after it wandered into the spring’s therapeutic waters. Today, you’ll find references to this fabled creature throughout the city, including a towering statue overlooking Yuda Onsen Station.

If you’re excited to experience Japanese culture, a trip to Yamaguchi Prefecture’s most popular onsen town ensures you discover several amazing activities. With more than 2000 tons of hot water generated by the spring every day, a soak in its soft, alkaline spring not only soothes the skin but can also improve muscle pain, stiffness, fatigue, and more.

Here, we look at some of the top relaxation and cultural experiences in Yuda Onsen and explore how you can get involved. By organizing your journey with Japan Airlines, you'll benefit from the smoothest possible journey while gaining access to numerous breathtaking travel adventures.

The Yuda Onsen Footbaths

The Yuda Onsen Footbaths

The Yuda Onsen Footbaths are some of the most sought-after destinations for both locals and travelers roaming across town. Throughout the Yuda Onsen area, you’ll discover six public foot baths where you can rest your weary legs for free. Open from the morning until late at night — there’s plenty of opportunity to give your feet a much-needed break.

Each of these open-air locations features comfortable seating and a roof to protect occupants against any unsavory weather. However, they also have unique designs and settings that give visitors a slightly different experience at each stop. Known as ashiyu, similar public footbaths are found throughout many of Japan’s hot spring towns. Here’s where you can find Yuda Onsen’s hot spring footbaths: 

• Yuda Onsen Tourist Information Center (9 AM to 10 PM)
• Yunoka Street (10 AM to 10 PM)
• Yunomachi Street (10 AM to 10 PM)
• Sunfresh Yamaguchi (9 AM to 8 PM)
• Inoue Park (10 AM to 10 PM)
• Yuda Onsen Station (10 AM to 10 PM)

Matsudaya Hotel

Matsudaya Hotel

Matsudaya Hotel is one of Yamaguchi City’s most iconic stays, featuring traditional ryokan architecture dating from around 1860. Situated in the heart of the Yuda Onsen area, this part of town was once popular with samurai traveling across old-world Japan in search of a relaxing place to spend the night. 

However, the Matsudaya Hotel also served an important role in the transformative Meiji Restoration of 1868, when the present-day Empire of Japan overthrew the shogunate military dictatorship. At this very hotel, leaders from the powerful Satsuma and Chōshū feudal clans gathered to form the Satcho Alliance and discuss their revolutionary plans.

Today, this stunning wooden structure houses inviting guest rooms overlooking a Japanese garden dating from the Edo period more than 300 years ago. Meanwhile, these rooms feature natural hot spring water, while many also have private open-air baths that provide maximum relief.

Alongside this serene accommodation, guests will also dine on incredible cuisine inspired by Yamaguchi Prefecture’s idyllic landscape. You can even experience a famous kaiseki-style feast, where first-class regional ingredients are combined with precise technique and intricate touches to deliver a special high-end banquet.

How to get to Matsudaya Hotel: Take the Yamaguchi Line train to Yuda Onsen Station. Then, it’s a nine-minute walk or three-minute taxi ride to Matsudaya Hotel.

• Address: 3-6-7 Yudaonsen, Yamaguchi 753-0056
• Contact Details: +81-83-922-0125

Optional activity (bookable and purchasable): Japanese Culture Experience (TSUBAKI Plan / MOMO Plan)

Experience traditional Japanese culture at LAWAKU

Japan offers countless fascinating cultural experiences passed down through generations. You can discover an immersive cultural experience at LAWAKU – a welcoming small business based inside a 70-year-old renovated folk house. Situated a short walk from Yuda Onsen Station, you’ll receive an expert-led introduction to several authentic Japanese cultural practices.

There are six fascinating experiences at LAWAKU, ranging from matcha tea ceremonies and kimono experiences to wagashi confectionery classes. The following two bookable programs featuring English-speaking guides ensure you encounter the best of traditional Japanese culture in a lighthearted and welcoming setting.

Program 1: TSUBAKI Plan

Program 1: Tsubaki

The Tsubaki cultural experience is a great way to enjoy several long-standing Japanese traditions at the same time. Across a 1.5-hour session, you’ll make Nerikiri-style confectionery – a practice that combines sweetened white bean jam, Chinese yam, and mochi rice cake to produce colorful treats that celebrate the changing seasons.

During this session, you’ll also get to hand-pick a kimono, with the team at LAWAKU helping you get dressed. It also comes with a simple hair set, while you can rent extra accessories to create the outfit of your dreams. Once you’re prepared, it’s time to taste your Nerikiri sweets during a Japanese tea ceremony.

Alongside homemade confectionery and matcha powdered green tea, this experience offers an insightful glimpse into traditional Japanese culture. Meanwhile, the staff at LAWAKU will also take charming photos of your experience inside the store and in front of the building’s historic facade to ensure you remember your visit.

Program 2: MOMO Plan

Program 2: Momo

The best choice is the Momo program if you want to explore Yuda Onsen with an English-speaking guide. Spanning four-hours, you’ll get dressed in a traditional kimono and hair set with the help of LAWAKU’s friendly team. Then, you’ll get to enjoy a Japanese tea ceremony with wakasagi sweets and tasty matcha. 

After finishing this luxurious fare, you’ll head out in your authentic Japanese garments to explore the surrounding area and its famous hot springs. The first stop is nearby at Inoue Park's beautiful gardens and fishponds. Then, you’ll head around the corner to find the hot spring foot baths of Yunoka Street.

Next, you’ll wander down the street to Kitsune no Ashi Ato, also known as Fox's Footprints. This modern visitor center's cozy cafe serves local sake, while you can soak your feet in an architecturally designed footbath lined with comfortable rocks and native plants. Finally, this walking tour concludes at the giant white fox statue at Yuda Onsen Station, which rises to an impressive eight meters above the streetscape.

How to get to LAWAKU: Take the Yamaguchi Line train to Yuda Onsen Station. Then, it’s a four-minute walk along Prefectural Route 206 to reach LAWAKU.

• Address: 13-45 Shimoichicho, Yamaguchi 753-0058
• Contact Details: +81-83-902-6454

How to get to Yuda Onsen from Tokyo

How to get to Yuda Onsen from Tokyo

Traveling to Yuda Onsen is simple from Tokyo. JAL flights departing from Tokyo Haneda Airport take 100 minutes to reach Yamaguchi-Ube Airport. Once you touch down, take the Yamaguchi-Ube Airport Limousine Bus to Shin-Yamaguchi Station, then ride the Yamaguchi Line train to Yuda Onsen Station.

Book your relaxing journey with JAL

Book your relaxing journey with JAL

Take your relaxation to the next level with a trip to Yuda Onsen. Surrounded by the pristine nature of Yamaguchi Prefecture, this storied hot spring destination will help regenerate your mind and body. Plus, the region presents outstanding Japanese cultural experiences, ranging from tea ceremonies to therapeutic bathing activities.

To make your journey to Yuda Onsen and beyond as smooth as possible, book your next adventure with Japan Airlines. With our special JAL Japan Explorer Pass, you can explore top-notch airfares across more than 30 domestic locations. Plan your journey with JAL today and make the most of an unforgettable Japanese hot spring stay.

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