The JAL Customer Service Plan


Japan Airlines (JAL) believes that in addition to the conventional requirements of safety, on-time performance and comfort, airlines are expected to provide service that meets the individual needs of each customer. It is our objective to exceed customer expectations by creating added value.

It is in this spirit that this customer service plan is crafted. Although successful in this effort most of the time, there are occasions when unforeseen events affect our ability to meet our customers' satisfaction. Irregularities are caused by events within our responsibility, as well as those beyond our control, such as weather or traffic congestion at the airport. Therefore JAL has established this Customer Service Plan to inform our customers about the service provided amid unpredictable and uncertain situations at the time of your flight.

  • Offer the lowest appropriate airfare.
  • Provide prompt ticket refunds.
  • Delays, cancellations and diversions.
  • Baggage delivery.
  • Accommodation of customers with special needs.
  • Overbooking.
  • Response to customer comments and concerns.
  • Provide customers with related information (aircraft information, flight situation, JAL Mileage Bank, policies)

This customer service plan will be reviewed and changed, as appropriate, in line with improvements in service quality.

Thank you for your continued patronage of Japan Airlines.

Reservations and Tickets

Offer the lowest appropriate airfare
Customers calling JAL's Reservation Center, visiting our website ( will be offered the lowest available published fares, when specific dates, including the planned date of departure, preferred time, class of service and date of purchase are provided.

Provide prompt ticket refunds
JAL is dedicated to provide refunds of tickets to our customers with minimal inconvenience. Reservations can be held at the quoted fare without payment, or refunded within twenty four (24) hours after the reservation if the reservation is made one (1) week or more before departure. After this twenty four (24) hour period, the refund amount will be calculated based on the fare rules of your tickets.
For refunds of all eligible tickets with credit cards from Japan Airlines within the U.S. will be forwarded a credit to your credit card company within seven (7) business days of receiving the required information. Please be advised that the credit card issuer will refund the purchase price under the terms of the credit card agreement; the refund transaction may take up to 2 billing cycles to reflect on your credit card statement.
For refunds of all eligible tickets purchased with cash or checks from Japan Airlines within the U.S. will be provided with twenty (20) business days of receiving the required information.
If your ticket is purchased through a travel agent, please contact your travel agent for refund request.

At the Airport/Onboard

Delays, cancellations and diversions

On occasion it is necessary to delay, cancel or divert flights due to various conditions, such as congestion at the airport or poor weather conditions. In these instances, we are committed to provide all customers, whether at the airport or on board the aircraft, the best available information as quickly as possible. With respect to known flight status changes (delays in excess of thirty (30) minutes or more, cancellations and diversions) that occur within seven (7) days of the scheduled date of flight, JAL will, within thirty (30) minutes of becoming aware of such change, advise customers via our website, in the boarding gate area for flights at U.S. airports and on U.S. airport display systems (if available) and upon inquiry to our reservations center.

When major delays or cancellations occur and JAL is unable to provide transportation to the final destination on the expected arrival date due to events within our responsibility, JAL will provide accommodation subject to availability. Regardless of the circumstances we are dedicated to minimize your inconvenience and burden as much as possible.

If a flight is delayed or cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, such as severe weather, JAL will offer customers assistance in arranging services, however incidental expenses will not be provided. In case of lengthy onboard ground delays without access to an airport terminal, we will make sure that all customers are provided with food, water, restroom facilities and medical assistance as necessary, conditions safely permitting.

Baggage delivery

JAL will make every effort to ensure that checked baggage travels on the same flight with the customer. In the event the baggage does not arrive on the same flight, please notify an agent upon arrival. Every effort will be made to locate the baggage and return it to you as quickly as possible. Customers will be provided with updated information relating to the missing baggage until its return.

Accommodate customers with special needs

JAL will assist passengers with special needs, such as those traveling with infants, accompanied minors, elderly, expectant mothers, customers with disabilities, as well as those with illness or injury, so that they may travel safely and in comfort throughout their travel experience.

If needed the Priority Guest Center is available to assist customers with a disability, illness or injury in planning to board our international and domestic flights. Please inquire with JAL's Reservation Center for further assistance and details.


JAL, like most airlines, overbooks flights. Though historical data is utilized, (travel trends by route, hour and season, and adjust reservations accordingly) there are very rare occasions that seats cannot be provided to all customers. In such cases, we may arrange alternative means of transport or solicit for volunteers willing to surrender their confirmed reservation in exchange for compensation. In an extremely rare instance a customer may be involuntarily denied boarding, based on our boarding priority procedures.

Comments and Information

Response to customer comments

Customer comments and feedback are most welcome. JAL will respond to customer comments, requests and complaints at the first point of contact. All e-mails, letters and comment cards received from customers will be personally read and a response sent within 30 days of receipt. JAL values your comments as they are a means to service improvement.

Comments, requests or complaints to JAL can be made on a Comment Card available on board or on on-line at JAL's website (

Provide customers with information

We provide the following information on JAL's website (, which we hope you find useful in making your trip more enjoyable. (Information is also available at JAL's reservations center, and airport counters and in-flight magazines).

  • Available seats, flight schedules, departure and arrival information, situation of flight operation, route information, and fare information.
  • Reservations, purchase and payment of tickets.
  • Contents of service provided onboard and at airports.
  • Local travel information on Japan and overseas.
  • Conditions of Carriage.
  • JAL Mileage Bank, new customer services, campaigns.

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