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Royal Jordanian (RJ)

Eligible Tickets and Routes

JMB membership number must be provided at the time of making reservations or check-in.
Mileage will accumulate based on the "sector mileage", and the "accumulation rate" by the class of service / the actual fare paid.
Only tickets issued in the name of the member on eligible fares will be eligible for mileage accrual.

  • JAL Group airlines and/or oneworld member airlines' flights with eligible fares for mileage accumulation are eliglble for FLY ON status qualification. Click here for further details.

Ineligible cases for flight mileage accumulation

  • Onboard in different name is not accepted.
  • Award tickets, infant fares, other special discounted fares such as travel agent fares, tour conductor fares, tickets issued subject to special provisions are not eligible.
  • Charter or cargo flights on partner airline are not eligible for mileage accumulation.
  • In accordance with agreements with partner airlines, there are some tickets or booking classes ineligible for mileage accumulation.
  • Under no circumstances will mileage credit be granted for flights not boarded (due to delay, cancellation, etc.).
  • Duplicate registration of mileage with programs other than JMB is prohibited.

("-": Not applicable, or ineligible)

Airlines Fares First Class Fares Business Class Fares Normal Economy Class Fares Special Economy Class Fares 1 Special Economy Class Fares 2
Royal Jordanian (RJ) Accumulation
125% 100% 70% 50%
Applicable booking classes J, C, D, I Y B H, K, M, L, V, S, N, Q, G, O, W, R

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