Jetstar Japan (GK)

Eligible Tickets and Routes

JMB membership number must be provided at the time of making reservations.
Mileage will accumulate based on the "sector mileage", and the "accumulation rate" by the class of service / the actual fare paid.
Only onboard in the name of the member on eligible fares will be eligible for mileage accrual.

  • Flights are not eligible for FLY ON status qualification even if JMB member fly with eligible fares for mileage accumulation.

Ineligible cases for flight mileage accumulation

  • Onboard in different name is not accepted.
  • Award tickets, infant fares, other special discounted fares such as travel agent fares, tour conductor fares, tickets issued subject to
    special provisions are not eligible.
  • Charter or cargo flights operated by partner airline are not eligible for mileage accumulation.
  • In accordance with agreements with partner airlines, there are some fares ineligible for mileage accumulation.
  • Under no circumstances will mileage credit be granted for flights not boarded (due to delay, cancellation, etc.).
  • Duplicate registration of mileage with programs other than JMB is prohibited.
("-": Not applicable, or ineligible)
Airlines Fares Accumulation rate
Jetstar Japan (GK) Starter fare -
Plus bundle 25%
Max bundle 25%

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