Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines, together with its regional partner airlines, serves more than 100 cities throughout its expansive network in United States, Canada, Costa Rica, and Mexico. Alaska Airlines prides itself on high-quality flight operations, having been awarded first place in On-time Performance in the North America Major Airlines category by Flightstats five years in row.


Effective for requests made from October 1, 2017, new required mileage for JMB Partner Airlines Award Ticket will be applied.

Available awards, classes, and required mileage

  • Economy Class
  • First Class
Alaska Airlines Award Tickets Economy Class
Total trip distance(miles) Required mileage Sample itineraries (round-trip)
*1 Multi-city itineraries
*2 Maximum of 3 stopovers (a stay of more than 24 hours) are permitted
1 - 1,000 15,000 Vancouver-Seattle/Portland
San Francisco-Palm Springs
Los Angeles-Mammoth Lakes
San Diego-Monterey/Fresno
1,001 - 2,000 20,000 San Francisco-Portland/Salt Lake City
Los Angeles-Salt Lake City/Boise/Medford
San Diego-Protland/San Jose del Cabo
2,001 - 4,000 21,000 Vancouver-Los Angeles
San Francisco/Los Angeles-Puerto Vallarta
Los Angeles-Guadalajara
San Diego-Seattle
4,001 - 6,000 37,000 Vancouver-Seattle-Cancun
San Francisco/Los Angeles-Anchorage
Los Angeles-Washington D.C./Baltimore
San Diego-Orland/Honolulu/Kona
6,001 - 8,000 39,000  
8,001 - 10,000 40,000  
10,001 - 12,000 50,000  
12,001 - 14,000 55,000  
14,001 - 20,000 60,000  
20,001 - 25,000 85,000  
25,001 - 29,000 110,000  
29,001 - 34,000 130,000  
34,001 - 50,000 150,000  
  • * The mileage required for an award is determined based on the total itinerary distance (calculated as the sum of the actual miles traveled for each sector) and the class of service traveled.
  • * Awards issued for children and infants require the same mileage as those issued for adults.
  • * In addition to the required mileage for the awards listed above, fuel surcharges and other taxes will be collected where applicable.
  • * The distance of a surface sector between two intermediate cities will be included in the total itinerary distance.

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Travel Inspiration

Vancouver, Portland

Enjoy Vancouver's breathtaking nature and beautiful coasts, and take in Portland's welcoming atmosphere and Eco-conscious ways

  • From/to outside Japan
  • JMB Partner Airlines Award Tickets
Economy Class Standard Required Mileage
  1. 1Vancouver
  2. 2Portland
  3. 3Vancouver
Required mileage for other classes
First Class
35,000miles (until September 30, 2017) 32,000miles (from October 1, 2017)

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Los Angeles, Puerto Vallarta

Let loose in LA's renowned shopping and entertainment, and relax in one of Mexico's best resort cities

  • From/to outside Japan
  • JMB Partner Airlines Award Tickets
Economy Class Standard Required Mileage
  1. 1Los Angeles
  2. 2Puerto Vallarta
  3. 3Los Angeles
Required mileage for other classes
First Class

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